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EKon 9 Delphi Product Address - DeXter News

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/27/2005 12:55:26 PM (GMT+1)

Right after David I's EKon 9 Opening: Borland Delphi Roadmap, Jason Vokes followed up with the Delphi Product Address.

After an overview of ALM, and what it means for Delphi developers, Jason went on by showing slides with the strong points of Delphi 2005, until we finally saw some new slides with information on DeXter.

New Features include:

  • VCL Live Guidelines
  • Live Templates
  • Block Completion
  • New Refactorings
    • Push / Pull Members
    • Extract Interface
    • Extract SuperClass
    • Safe Delete

  • FastCode Memory Manager
  • Faster Startup
  • More Responsive IDE
  • QualityCentral feedback (plugin?)

  • ECO in all editions
    • O/R Mapping
    • Transparent Persistency
    • Object Transactions
    • Class Modelling

  • ECO III State Machines
  • ECO III Domain Patterns
  • ASP.NET ECO AutoForms

  • Database Explorer also shows dbExpress
  • SQL Server Unicode in dbExpress
  • BDP Connection Pooling
  • BDP SQL Tracing
  • BDP DataHub Error Reconciliation
  • New BDP Drivers: SQL Server 2005, MySQL

  • Together for Delphi and C#

Also, make sure to check out Danny Thorpe's post on the Delphi Roadmap 2005 - 2006 with even more details from the wiz who makes this stuff.


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