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My first Delphi courseware manual on Lulu

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 8/24/2007 1:48:39 PM (GMT+1)

I've followed Julian Bucknal (and the plans of Marco Cantù) and decided to put some of my own Delphi courseware manuals for sale as paperback books on Lulu, starting with the 188-page Delphi 2005 Development Essentials manual.
I've used a standard Lulu cover, but one that included a classic Delphi-like theme, and just got my sample copy at home which looks really good. If this works out, I may be putting some more Delphi and C++Builder courseware manuals up there (I'm currently also experimenting with a hardcover colour edition for newer courseware manuals, which has the benefit of showing all screenshots and code snippets in full colour).

I did not need/want an ISBN number, so it won't be for sale through Amazon or other channels.
My Delphi courseware manuals will however also remain for sale as PDF files through my own website - a PDF file has the benefit of allowing you to search for certain (key)words and print it for yourself. And the latest ones will first be used in my upcoming training classes.



Robert Smith 07/08/24 16:13:39Sounds great! I'll be checking it out!
vicente 07/08/24 17:29:54Your book is for delphi 2005. The news from codegear are ¿ delphi 2008 ? in the next month. The price for your book in LULU are 62 $. The price is very, very, very HIGH and the idea to put in LULU it comes very late.
Bob Swart 07/08/24 18:01:57This first book is just an experiment to see how the Lulu process it working. I'm also writing Delphi 2007 material, which may be put on Lulu as well (and I don't know where you got the notion of Delphi 2008 in the next month - it's Highlander, Delphi 2007 for .NET, that's expected not Delphi 2008).
vicente 07/08/24 18:59:08Ok. The name is delphi 2007 for .net. You have the reason. The expected date ( for presentation is semptember end or in the begining of october. Thats all.
Dave Murray 07/08/27 10:27:57I'm very interestred in Lulu and plan to get the books JB and MC have already published there. Looks like I'll be adding this to the list. D2005 will still be relevant for most people and although $62 may be high for people in the US it's good for those of us in Europe - works out about £30 for me.
Bob Swart 07/08/28 08:44:07I've decided to lower the price of the Delphi 2005 book from 49.99 to 39.99 Euro. I'm now starting to work on publishing the Delphi 2006 manuals on Lulu (which will get the higher price, however), as well as one big hardcover Delphi 2006 Complete Works book.
Bob Swart 07/08/28 23:55:21Delphi 2006 Development Essentials is now also added to Lulu - 221 pages (almost 75000 words), see for details...

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