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Installing Windows Vista (and old video drivers)

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/20/2005 9:37:02 PM (GMT+1)

As an MSDN subscriber, I've been wanting to try out Longhorn, and decided to install Windows Vista (beta 1) on the secondary partition of one of my old machines. It's a Compaq PIII 1Ghz, with only 512 MB RAM and integrated network, sound and video, so I didn't get my hopes up that everything would work right.
And indeed, after installation, the screen remained in a 800x600 8-bit low resolution. The Intel 82815 video chipset was too old for Windows Vista to recognise.

From the Intel website, I could not download a driver for Windows Vista, but could only find drivers for Windows 2000/XP. Unfortunately, the installer gave me an error message that "this OS is not supported", and didn't even unpack the video drivers.

As a workaround, I had to run the installer on a regular Windows XP machine, where it would unpack the drivers (so I could cancel the actual installation).
Then, I could install this unpacked driver on the Windows Vista system, which accepted it without further complaints.
So now I'm finally running 1280x1024 again at full colour, being able to see how Windows Vista looks like.

During the process, I noticed something funny: when I came back from the XP machine (where I had downloaded and unpacked the XP video drivers), the screensaver for the Windows Vista machine had kicked in, asking me for a password.
Ehum, password?
I didn't remember specifying a password at installation (Windows Vista insisted that it could perform the install on its own), and all attempts to enter a password failed, until I tried an empty one.
Ouch! Although it's only a preview (and a beta), I'm not sure if it's a good idea to have an empty administrator password... Needless to say, I've changed it now, and also enabled remote desktop, so I can work with Windows Vista from my other machines.

In the next couple of weeks, I'll post the results of my experiments with Windows Vista, so stay tuned...



keith05/11/12 17:05:12how did you force them to install i've tried everything
keith05/11/12 17:11:05e-mail addy
Bob Swart05/11/21 15:06:13Did you unpack the drivers on an XP machine? Then you can use the unpacked drivers and select them for Windows Vista to install (it will not complain).
Mike06/03/01 21:43:46i have tried that with the beta 2 release (build 5308). The driver installed with no errors, but on restart, I get a Bad_Pool_Caller 0x0000C2 Blue Screen... any ideas?
Edgar Rodriguez06/03/06 15:05:58Microsoft is committed to Sell and $ell and Hell! I think Borland is following the Giant only because they have finantial troubles but I think Borland or the new IDE's owner should think that people is still having old 32 bit computers at home and work. So telling people to trash their computers and buy new 64 like ones is something that they won't do as soon as M$ wants. People out there is thinking more to move to Linux, and it has the advantage to be free, so I suggest Borland or the new IDE's owner to move there too.
Doe06/04/14 01:08:23Well, tried to do as you said but just as Mike mentions it doesnt seem to work on the new build which is a pitty cause t looks absolutely wonderfull i'd say. Currently tested with the drivers from Intel's webpage, unrared the package and tried install it manually updating the drivers and running the Setup.exe. Running Setup.exe creates a "Bad_Pool_Caller" error, doing it manually it fails installing the drivers. Also tried several others from driversguide, some which it installs others it dont.. though the installed ones doesnt work anyways. Only 8Bit color and maximum of 256colors in 1024x800 resolution. Build used: Build 5342 Beta 2
Ben06/04/14 13:33:06For Mike and Doe: I've had the same problems. Set 'Hardware Acceleration' uner troubleshooting to 'None' and it will work with the XP/2000 82815 drivers.
Bob Swart06/04/14 21:28:04Thanks for the tip, Ben!
Johnny Moore06/07/08 17:00:34Thanks this is what I've been looking for. This tip also works on Windows Vista Beta 2: Build 5384.4 But what is the difference in having acceleration and not having acceleration. I can tell.
Matthew George06/11/25 08:25:53I'm running into this same problem with the Vista RTM Business version on a Sony Vaio with the Intel 8215 video chipset as described above. I can get the latest XP/2000 82815 drivers installed, but then the drives error out. When I try to set the hardware acceleration to none in the troubleshooting tab, I get a message that says the new settings cannot be saved to the registry. This has been very frustrating. Am I missing something obvious when trying to set the hardware acceleration to none?
Jone Doe06/12/20 20:09:48The trick is to disable the Intel 82815 driver in Safe Mode first and then re-enable it in the normal mode. That is when you can change the hardware acceleration to None.
slaven07/01/09 08:56:17I tried and tried getting the hardware acc to none but it never allowes me to do it. I tried doing safe mode and all that stuff but no luck. In device manager there is a exclamation mark on the video card and in dispay settings it says that graphics chip is unknown which might be the reason I can't save the setting of troubleshooting. Any thoughts?
Dex07/01/15 13:54:35Thanx Ben ur note have bean very helpful
Sherman07/01/21 09:59:56Where can I find the unpacked driver on the XP machine?
Flo07/02/02 15:34:28Thanks for the tip about the hardware acceleration. Disabling the drivers in safe mode and changing the settings after booting in normal mode worked for me.
Dillan07/02/08 02:29:25I still fail in disabling HW acceleration. 1. Disabling 815 driver in safe mode. 2. Reboot in normal mode 3. Changing the setting 4. Enabling 815 driver. Is this sequence right?
Ed07/02/18 15:22:21Dillan, I had the same issue. What I did was boot into safe mode, disable the video card, rebooted into low resolution mode (in the safe mode options), turned off User Account Control, rebooted into low resolution mode again, enabled the video card, and then I was able to turn HW acceleration off. I then rebooted and let it come up normally and everything works great.
Jan07/02/18 23:17:59Thanks, this really works on a Compaq ENS 1GHZ with final Vista in dutch. 1. Install 82815 driver (Latest version 6.7, either from Intel or from the computer manufacturer)*%20XP%20Professional&lang=eng 2. Reboot in safe mode, 3. Disable video controller, 4. Restart in normal mode, 5. Enable the video controller again, 6. Change hardware acceleration to None.
slaven07/02/24 19:03:29I have dell inspiron 2500 with same card and I finally made it to work. I had to use the drivers provided on dell website which are little older than the once available at intels. And had to go into safe mode to change hardware acceleration.
will 07/03/07 11:25:50Dillan, did you some how turn HW off on your Sony Vaio and get the graphic driver to work! if you did can you tell me how you did it please. thanks
Del 07/03/09 11:22:07does anyone know how to turn HW acceleration off on a Sony Vaio Please!
JACEK GODOROWSKI 07/03/11 22:43:40Ok i got even better idea. If anyone need help with that Mail me I got unpacked drivers, drivers to sound for 815i and etc... :)
Me 07/03/19 14:51:12I cant find where to disable HW acceleration - Ben says "under trouble shooting" ?????
Bob Swart 07/03/20 08:55:09Right-click on the Vista desktop, and select Personalize. In the window that follows, click on the "Display Settings" option, and in the Display Settings dialog, click on the Advanced Settings button. Then, go to the Troubleshoot tab and click on the "Change settings" button. This will give a UAC prompt, but after that, you can set the Hardware acceleration (from Full to None).
Qookie 07/03/20 18:35:34I tried all the steps on vaio-r505te with 82815 graphics chip. It installs the driver. I reboot in save mode and disable the controller - then boot normally but after enabling the controller again I get "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (code 43)" I tried all the tricks you described but still the same (code 43). Anymore workarounds?
Shafiq 07/03/27 22:06:56Ahh badly need help. I dnt know if i got a video card but it wont even let me click hardware acceleration... help please?
Shafiq 07/03/27 22:32:12It says "Your Current Display Driver does not allow changes to be made to hardware acceleratin setting" My display driver is : Mobile Intel(R)GM Express Chipset Family. I need help badly cuz my game "Flyff" doesnt work fast and i need to set the hardware acceleration lower. I dont know if i got a video card but I do have a graphics driver which is : Intel Graphics Media Accelerator for Mobile.
NH_Seacoaster 07/04/22 01:27:55I'm having the same issue as Shafiq - I'm trying to modify the hardware acceleration settings in Windows Vista Premium and the button to make the change is greyed out. I tried to change it in Safe Mode (at which the button was no longer greyed out). I tried to reduce the setting. However, when I went to save the change, I received an error msg stating that the changes could not be saved to the registry. I'm trying to make videos using Camtasia and the video/audio keeps going out of sync. HELP!!!
Jacob 07/05/29 22:33:28I figured it out... Basically after you install the driver, reboot into safe mode, then device manager, then disable the Intel 82815 driver, then restart the pc in normal mode. After reboot, go back to the device manager, and enable the graphics driver... It will say found new hardware and then start the graphics card. At that point, you can turn off device accelleration by using the steps above... It worked for me... Thanks.
DreXLSD 07/06/01 18:26:51hey. is there any way to install older video cards such as GF4 Ti on vista? I got the latest drivers from nvidia but when i try to install it says it can't find any hardware that matches the driver. i know vista only recognizes FX cards and the GF4ti is really old but still... is there any way i can force the system to "see" it?
Jonathan B 07/06/04 21:38:03Likewise - got a Dell Inspiron 8500 with only 64Mb Video Ram (despite 1GB total RAM) and Nvidia GEforce 4200 Chip. Anyone tried Vista Professional on one of these? Thanks
Jonathan B 07/06/04 21:40:26Video under XP was fine even using very high resolution and full video; video under Vista is pants and aero is non-existant / itunes "can't browse album covers on this computer" as if its a different machine since Vista went on. Possibly the worst upgrade in history? Does Microsoft seriously think we want to buy new machines whenever it wants?!
shahrooz 07/08/13 19:44:18this technique is very bogas and it is not work at windows is currupted after this technique.
DonCr 07/09/25 03:28:24w00t! I got my old Sony VAIO PCG-FX370 laptop to run Vista at 1024x768x32 using this trick. Thanks guys!
Jason 08/02/09 20:47:11Worked perfectly for me. It took me two days to find this page and then 10 minutes to get my graphics card working with vista. Thanks so much!
jp 08/03/15 14:26:57you beauties saved the life of my HP PIII 1GHz 512MB it was just about to be labelled SCRAP!! OS platform is W2K8. I had managed to install the driver by tweaking the compatibility property of the executable WIN2K_XPE67.EXE but it was unstable. the procedure as stated above worked. Thanks to all the contributions!
Deqn 08/03/22 10:08:19Where you get unpacked driver for Intel 82815 ?
will 08/12/14 01:08:27Holaa thank you very much for this very good this makes me take a long time trying to solve this problem, but I have a concern or rather a small problem is that what happens to him right click on the desktop takes a long loading was about 20 seconds left as loading until the end leaves the world customized for the desktop and I would like to know if there is a way for him to right click on the desktop is normal or rather not be quick to take a long to load them appreciate muchooo hope you can help me in this case
tobias 08/12/14 21:10:03I had a problem vary semeler to this and fixed it by changing the video settings in the bios so if was not looking for a external mounter on my lab top
william 08/12/15 20:17:11hello again please help if their nececito solve the problem by using the trick that you mentioned and in which the video is already so normal in my computer 1gz video intel Celeron (r) 82815 in which I have installed the latest driver update but to give you right-click on the desktop takes a long time to load and that as if I almost invariably takes 20 seconds loading up the menu that appears to update, customize and so on. I do not know if I can help you solve this problem as I despair that afternoon I hope very much that might help me to not take a long to load and then install them commented that a previous driver version 5.12 and if you give it to right click and load faster but causes problems when you restart again and I pulled a blue screen'm not desperate to do is hope that help me through.
HolVic 11/02/05 15:20:07Thanks A Lot Man. Me Got A PC(Pentium III, 750 MHz, Intel 815EEA2 Motheboard, 512 Mb Ram). I Installed Windws 7 In My Brothers Computer And Couln't Resist To Have The Same Appearance In Mine PC. So I Installed Windows 7 Home Premium. Well Everything Intalled Fine Except For Video Driver And Sound Driver. Well Now Video Driver's Problem Is Solved But I'm Wondering About How To Configure Sound. Help Is Require. . Thanks Man Thanks A Lot.
Ahsen 11/11/19 12:09:39Where can I find the unpacked driver on the XP machine?
Ahsen 11/11/19 15:55:33Done..!! One Problem: when i set hardware acceleration from full to none... An error box appears saying: "New settings could not be saved to registry"..... Plzzz Help....!

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