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Delphi 2006, Delphi 2007 and the Taskbar

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 6/4/2007 10:58:50 AM (GMT+1)

In the next couple of weeks I plan to share some of my experiences with little tips, tricks and other "semi-documented" features of Delphi 2007. Starting with an unexpected side effect (for Delphi 2006 on the taskbar) of having Delphi 2007 installed on a machine which already contains Delphi 2006.

A few months ago I started to notice something funny on my development systems where I had installed both Delphi 2006 and Delphi 2007. Delphi 2006 seemed to be missing on the taskbar. At first, I didn't really pay much attention to it (although I sometimes started another copy of Delphi 2006 only to find that an instance was already running), because I thought it was only that particular machine and maybe it's time for a clean re-install of everything anyway. But then my laptop also began to show the same symptoms, and I begun to see a pattern.

You don't need to be running Delphi 2007 - you only need to have Delphi 2007 installed on your disk in order for Delphi 2006 to "hide" itself from the taskbar when first started. This is the case on Windows 2003 and XP, which makes me wonder if this was a Vista related issue?

Anyway, there is a very easy workaround: as soon as Delphi 2006 is started, you only have to minimise it in order for it to show up again in the taskbar (I learned that a few weeks ago in the Borland newsgroups). From that moment on, it will keep on appearing in the taskbar. But next time you start it, it will be hidden from the taskbar again. Oh well...



Fernando Madruga 07/06/04 12:10:07There may be an easier way not to forget about it (untested!): try setting the shortcut that launches Delphi 2006 to launch in the minimized state; you will need to click or alt-tab to show it, but at least you won't forget minimizing it! :) Later, Madruga
Rob Cooke 07/06/04 13:58:11In addition to the Delphi icons not showing up in the taskbar, I'm finding that applications that I've compiled in D2007 themselves are not showing up in the taskbar. These are apps that started out in D7 and have been upgraded through progressive versions of Delphi. This behavior maintains even when I install the applications on computers without the development environment.
Joe White 07/06/04 15:03:19This has already been reported in QC (more than once). See QC#44543.
Bob Swart 07/06/04 15:15:20Thanks Joe - the problem with QC is that it's sometimes not easy to verify if something is "known" already. But other than that, it works great (I've been using it for years; more people should!).
Liz 07/06/04 18:19:15Rob, I believe that the apps upgraded from before d2007 need the Application.MainFormOnTaskbar := True; in the project.
Mark Robinson 07/06/04 18:43:37I had a problem with visibility due to the use of frmMain.Show at the end of frmMain.FormCreate;
Rob Cooke 07/06/04 19:50:22Hey, thanks, Liz. I didn't find a project option of for that property, but I added the line to my main form's OnCreate procedure and that did the trick.
Rob van Heuven 07/06/11 20:09:26After installing the update #1 for Delphi 2007, it seems that the above problem is solved! Delphi 2006 and Delphi 2007 are visible again on the taskbar!

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