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Borland Delphi Q&A

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/13/2005 9:54:04 PM (GMT+1)

David I has just published a little Borland Delphi Q&A "in an effort to provide the Delphi community with frequent, updated information direct from Borland. This Q&A article serves to provide responses to some of the most recent and frequently asked questions."

It's good to read that Borland will continue to invest in Delphi and the community.

Also, it appears that the Borland Developer Conference (Nov 8-10) will be the first place to hear more about the next version(s) of Delphi. I'll be there, and I'll have my conference report as blog posts, so make sure to keep an eye on my blog (which will have RSS feeds for sure at that time)...



Kaushlesh05/12/20 19:31:25Dear Bob, I have an application that runs a DVR. it captures video and audio from the card and does the recording stuff. It is also used to stream video to a client using TCP. What i need to know is how much it would be helpful for us to switch over to Delphi 2006 from current delphi 6. We envision to convert the application more web specific. i.e. we want a web client instead of a winform based client software. We would be more into converting the server management as well as centrally managing multiple servers situated at differnt locations of the world using a web interface. Sorry, I am scared I just posted my query on the wrong section of the blog.
MAK 09/03/02 23:31:18Dear Bob, Do you by any chance have a link to a ADOExpress Update Pack 2 for Delphi 5? The link provided at Borland's site is dead. Thanks,
Ghanbary 10/07/31 07:12:52Dear Bob, I want a component or a way to use a dbgrid in multiline with righttoleft propetise. Can you help me? Thanks

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