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 Review: Mastering JBuilder
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Mastering JBuilder
Mike Rozlog, Geoffrey Goetz, Sung Nguyen
600, no CD-ROM

Endorsed by Borland, Mastering JBuilder is divided into two major disciplines: the development of Java source code and the management of Java source code. You’ll learn about the technologies and frameworks that JBuilder uses to help with code development. You’ll also get insight on how JBuilder allows you to choose several different technologies and frameworks including Swing, JDBC, Servlets, Java Server Pages, Struts, EJB, RMI, and Web Services.

Including coverage of the latest release of JBuilder (JBuilder 8 at the time of writing), the book begins with how to install and configure JBuilder on any machine. Then the authors dive in and tackle such subjects as:

The companion Web site includes source code and useful links for updates. An excerpt from the book can be read in PDF-format.

(Bob Swart)

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