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 C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide - Table of Contents
See Also: C++Builder 6 Developer's Guide for which I wrote six chapters, and C++Builder 4 Unleashed for which I also wrote a few chapters

Only 1398 of the 2048 pages could be bound in one book, but the entire book is also available as PDF-file on the CD-ROM (some chapters are only available on CD). You can now order C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide from and (with significant discounts). Note that I get a small commission for each on-line order from my website (so thanks in advance for those of you who ordered).
This book, the only book about C++Builder version 5 in the english language, has been available (and shipping) since Wednesday December 6th 2000.

Here's the table of contents, of this 1398 page book (for which I wrote more than 120 pages myself, hence my name on the cover, next to the names of Jarrod, Dan and Jamie). The errata is available too.
Brian Long has written a detailed review of the book!

Borland C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide

  1. Introduction to C++Builder 5
  2. The C++Builder IDE
  3. Programming with C++Builder
  4. Advanced programming with C++Builder
  5. GUI Design
  6. Compiling and Optimising Your Code
  7. Debugging Your Code
  8. Using VCL Components
  9. Creating Custom Components
  10. Custom Property and Component Editors
  11. Further Custom Component Techniques
  12. Communications Programming
  13. Web Server Programming (includes WebBroker and InternetExpress)
  14. Database Programming
  15. DLLs and Plug-ins
  16. COM Programming
  17. Going Distributed: DCOM
  18. COM+ Programming
  19. Multi-Tier Distributed Applications with MIDAS
  20. Distributed Applications with CORBA
  21. MS Office Integration
  22. Using ActiveX Technology (includes Active Server Pages/Objects and ActiveForms)
  23. Data Presentation with C++Builder
  24. Using the Win32 API
  25. Multimedia Techniques
  26. Advanced Graphics with DirectX and OpenGL
  27. Creating Help Files and Documentation
  28. Software Distribution
  29. Software Installation and Updates
  30. Tips, Tricks and How-Tos
  31. A Real World Example
    Appendix A. Information Sources
As you can see, I wrote chapters 13, 19 and the ASP/ActiveForm parts of chapter 22 of the C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide.
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