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Tag - you're it...

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 1/10/2007 6:54:21 PM (GMT+1)

I've been tagged by Allen Bauer. OK, so it's my turn to make a list of Five Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Me...

  1. I love Pascal so much, that I called my son Erik Mark Pascal after it. He was born in 1994, and Delphi was released after he was born. So we named our daughter Natasha Louise Delphine. We only have two kids, but briefly considered Kyli as name for a potential third...

  2. I started writing articles in 1992 when I was hospital for several weeks/months. I felt like I would die, and when recovered felt the urge to become "immortal". In my mind, the best two ways to become immortal were: having kids (see #1) and writing books.

  3. I hate coffee, alcohol and smoking (I despise second-hand smoking - I even have a non-smoking sign in Japanese at home). In The Netherlands, a person who doesn't drink alcohol and drives home safely is called "Bob". Coincidence? I think not... ;-)
    I do drink lots and lots of coca cola, and have a small collection of coca cola items (other than empty bottles).

  4. I love e-mail but hate phones. A phone call always comes in when you're right in the middle of something, and then cannot wait. When using e-mail I not only can answer when it's convenient for me, it also means I can use the time to include references and generally give a more thoughtful and informative response. The fact that there's a written copy of the conversation (as opposed to only a vague recollection of what was said) is the main reason why few clients of mine have my phone number in the first place.

  5. In my spare time, I like to work in our fruit garden, growing strawberries, raspberries, grapes, pears, etc. and since a couple of years we also have banana palm trees and pineapple. These haven't grown any fruits yet, but with the global warming going on, I have a feeling it's only a matter of time before we can eat the first tropical fruit from our own garden (which is based in The Netherlands, by the way).

That's it. I hope there were some new facts in there?

Time to tag others... I wanted to start with Brian Long, but he has no blog yet (time to start one, Mr.Long!). Others who can start consider themselves tagged are - in alphabetical order: Danny Thorpe, Hallvard Vassbotn, Holger Flick, Pawel Glowacki, and Steve Trefethen.



Nico07/01/10 21:56:38My father did grow a lot of banana palm trees in the south of Spain. I would say that you are brave to try it in the Netherlands. Bananas need much sunlight, die instantly with frosts (but you can make them resist burning car tires) and are very sensible to wind. Also remember that a palm only gives bananas once. You should cut it, but others will grow from the tubercle.
Bob Swart07/01/10 22:03:11I didn't know the banana palm could only fruit once - but we haven't got that far, yet. It's almost 2 meters high at this time. The pineapple plant - started from the top of a pineapple from the supermarket - is the one we expect earlier results...
Epo07/01/11 19:25:08Strange. You hate coffee but in coca cola, there is a lot of caffeine (and sugar, caramel, phosphoric acid, coca leaf and kola nut extract, lime extract, flavoring mixture, vanilla and glycerin, ...). Ah tastes and colors...
Bob Swart07/01/11 19:51:53Epo: there's lots more in coca cola; that's why I like it (and I just don't like the bitter taste of coffee).
Bob Swart07/01/15 17:44:03It appears that Brian Long does have a blog (again) - as one of the 4 Chaps From Blighty, see for details (if I could tag more than five, you would be "it" also, Brian)..
Hallvard Vassbotn07/01/18 21:24:49I'm a bit slow, but here are my 5 things:
Danny Thorpe07/01/25 04:41:49If you're slow, I'm glacial!
Petr Vones07/02/19 01:48:57I can absolutely agree with no.4. Nice to know I'm not alone :-) I don't have any phone for more than seven years which makes some people insane ;-) For simple quick communication there are instant messengers having the copy of the communication as well.

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