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Creating Vista Ready Applications

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 10/18/2006 4:16:06 PM (GMT+1)

Nathanial Woolls has written a very nice article that examines some of the new user experience elements found in Windows Vista and how to tweak your Delphi applications to take advantage of these new OS features. While many of the ideas and examples can be found elsewhere, the point of his article was to bring those ideas together into a single cohesive reference accessible to any developer seeking to improve their applications' end-user experience in Windows Vista.


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Skip Bremer 07/04/07 15:44:01Hi. Long time Delphi programmer here. Sticking with Delphi 7 because I am not pleased with the problems that I am having with the Delphi for Win32 IDE, etc. I loved your article, and the updated article. In fact I have converted all 20 of my applications used with my business to use the techniques you outlined so that these apps will run reasonably on Vista. Still on XP with them and I have only one big problem that you did not address. Some of my programs are meant to be run from the git go so users, and myself, run them in the Programs Startup group, and of course we make a shortcut that attempts to run them minimized on startup. And this is where the problem lies. In every case, they start up with a problem. Here it is... It appears that they start up with the application form in a minimized state that has them minimized in the Desktop space, just above the taskbar, with a small close X on them, just like when you minimize a child window inside an MDI app. I think it is the application window (form?) because it contains the old, shortened system menu. But once I open that window (by double-clicking the minimized icon or by right-clicking and selecting Restore) it then reverts to showing the main form and all is well on the next minimize, etc. It then minimizes truly to the task bar with the main form (full system menu, etc.). So, can you help me by telling me what I must do to fix this problem? Is it fixable at all? BTW, the same action happens with your demo app so maybe that will help you investigate it. Thank you for your time and if you find an answer, please let me know about it!

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