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Scribd strike two...

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 11/2/2012 11:29:37 AM (GMT+1)

Only a few days after I first reported numerous courseware manuals in PDF format being (illegally) available for download from Scribd, someone uploaded another Delphi XE courseware manual (the final XE edition of my XML, SOAP & Web Services manual). And another person uploaded the first edition of my Delphi XE2 Development Essentials manual. Too bad for the illegal (6273!) downloaders, these were older editions of the books, and not the most recent editions. It looks like I will have to do a monthly check for my name and courseware titles at this great site (and thanks Scribd for your "service")...
I would have expected everyone to know by now that each PDF file that is generated is unique in some way, and easily traced back to the original purchase (so if you want to illegally upload something, make sure you didn't buy it in the first place I guess) ;-)



Wouter 12/11/02 13:07:02For those who want to obtain it legally:
daniel 12/11/02 14:57:18After all that work... heartbreaking. A games company once said they sold more hint books than they sold software licenses!
Bob Swart 12/11/02 15:07:43I can imagine... And the downside is that I may stop writing certain (non-selling) titles. The problem is that they may be the titles most in demand, but if I don't see the sales, there will not be follow-ups. At least now I know 6315 (the number went up since this morning) people were interested enough to pay Scribd to be able to download the PDF file. Ehum guys, if you're interested enough to pay Scridb, why not pay me instead?
For those of you who paid an honest price: I will not let you down, and will continue to write. In fact, yesterday I released the first edition of Delphi XE3 Development Essentials and sent the PDF for free to all (paying!) customers of the XE2 edition ;-)
Wonder how long it will take to end up at Scribd... <g> 12/11/02 17:11:18Well... It's gonna' happen. So it's best to just use non-electronic methods to work against it.
Bob Swart 12/11/02 17:14:03Non-electronic versions of the book have other problems... people can still copy them (or scan them), and it's much more expensive to send out updates, plus there's shipping costs, delays in delivery. Even the print-on-demand from Lulu is not what I had hoped for (a few years ago)... 12/11/02 17:15:58My last comment wasn't worded correctly, but I can't edit it. I'm trying to say that it's best to just admit that you'll need to use some additional methods that go above and beyond like the "unique file" method. It may seem like just another electronic method, but it helps identify the culprit which is a "real world" method.
Alister Christie 12/11/03 05:56:41I think that most of the people who pirated your book probably wont have purchased it. I suspect that most of them wont even read it - they'll just be adding it to their huge collection of other technical books that they haven't read or paid for. Anyway, I've purchased and read a number of your books - keep up the good work.

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