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Delphi XE3 Starter Essentials available for download

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/26/2012 8:17:44 AM (GMT+1)

My Delphi XE3 Starter Essentials ebook (PDF) has just been made available for download for all registered Delphi Starter developers at
This is the first of my XE3 ebooks, shortly followed by titles like Delphi XE3 Development Essentials, Delphi XE3 DataSnap Development, Delphi XE3 XML, SOAP & Web Services Development. Customers who bought the XE2 editions of these titles will get the first XE3 edition for free as well.
I'm also working on new editions for the IntraWeb and Oxygene (Prism) manuals, as well as a new title on RAD Studio Mobile (which will be a free update for people who purchased the Delphi XE2 iOS Development manual).
See for more information on these courseware manuals, or if you're interested in a quick purchase of an individual title.



Bob Swart 12/09/26 08:20:42Note that the Delphi XE3 Development Essentials is a free gift for anyone who buys Delphi or RAD Studio XE3 from me (or has their subscription renewed through me). See (Dutch) or (Eurozone) for more details. The first edition of this ebook is expected by the end of this week.
David Taylor 12/09/26 09:12:39Bob, it seems that the book is not "for all registered Delphi developers" as you state. I tried to download and was told that I must have the starter edition. I have Professional, but was still hoping to learn from you. ANy chance of making it PDF download for everyone? Many thanks for your continuing work.
Bob Swart 12/09/26 09:31:14David, I'm afraid the download was for the Delphi Starter Edition users only, sorry for the confusion. It is mainly aimed to help those with the Starter edition. I may publish a free PDF edition for all Delphi developers later (from my own site), but for now it's only Delphi Started registered users (or my own customers), sorry...
David Taylor 12/09/26 09:44:11Thanks, Bob. I'm coming from a long way back (Delphi 2009) so any "getting started" help would be appreciated by me and by folk in a similar position. Get started with the basics first, then move onto the newer stuff.... Thanks, David
Natali 12/09/26 10:43:25It is a pity that this book does not cover the C++ Builder XE3.
Bob Swart 12/09/26 11:47:01I'm sorry Natali, but it's unlikely that I will write about C++Builder again. There's just not enough demand for it...
Kurt 12/09/26 13:53:23How do you measure demand for C++ Builder?. Definitely I would buy this book for C++ Builder and know several others that would do also. Give it another opportunity! ;-)
Bob Swart 12/09/26 14:07:05The sales of my C++Builder books in the past have been less than 1% of the sales of my Delphi books. Same with the number of C++Builder vs. Delphi licenses that I sell (in BeNeLux and the Eurozone). A few handful is not enough, especially if I can spend that time working on other titles that are, unfortunately for you, more in demand... 12/09/26 14:21:39Thx, Bob. Nice offer.
Looking forward to Delphi XE3 Development Essentials. 12/09/26 23:02:15I would like to buy that when available! Warren
Nat 12/09/27 08:35:17>The sales of my C++Builder books in the past have been less than 1% of the sales of my Delphi books. Your book for C++ Builder very old. Think about the future:
Bob Swart 12/09/27 12:24:25The Delphi XE3 Starter Essentials PDF has just been made available for free for all my (Delphi / RAD Studio) customers as well as UK Developer Group members. See the member newsgroups for details.
ANA GARCIA 13/05/19 21:27:13HELLO.Bob . i tray to find the book for my husband brother they are brazilian.and for then is quite dificult to find delphi XE2 DEVELOMENT ESSENTIAL 3 EDITION. CAN YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW TO BUY. THE BOOK. MANY THANKS. ANA GARCIA .
Bob Swart 13/05/20 17:28:04With any purchase of a book of 50 Euro or more, you will get the Delphi XE2 Development Essentials as free bonus PDF.
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Dmitrij 13/09/08 00:17:39Are the books on English?

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