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Delphi/C++Builder/RAD Studio XE2 Update #3

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 12/15/2011 1:00:38 PM (GMT+1)

Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio XE2 Update #3 is now available if you perform the "Check for Updates" option (or have it automatically check it for you). This time, it's an MSI-based patch, which requires XE2 with either Update #1 or Update #2, so there is no uninstall and re-install needed (unless you still run the original XE2 RTM edition).

See for the Release Notes, and read them before installing Update #3 (it has a note about the IDE Fix Pack which is not compatible with Update #3 for example).
The Release Notes for XE2 Update #3 also contains a link to my weblog regarding the changes to the ModalResult values for TButton at but the link to the bug list at is broken at this time.

After installation of Update #3, Delphi XE2 reports a version 16.0.4358.45540 in the about box.
Note that you may have to re-install the full edition of tools like Fast Report 4, CodeSite Studio or other third-party tools that are also included in "limited" editions in the XE2 SKU itself.



Peter Turner 11/12/15 18:13:37I see the update page, but I don't see the update - no updates in my 'check for update thing' either.
Mark Stals 11/12/15 18:41:05Could it be that you have NOT installed XE2 in the default folders? On my PC the check for update finds nothing either. XE2 is installed in D:\DevBox\Delphi\XE2. However on my virtual machine, I have followed the defaults. There the updates were found and are installing now.
Paul T 11/12/15 19:33:36Same as Peter. No updates when using the manual check button, and I see nothing on the update page about XE2 Update 3. Even the fix list page has only just materialized (but currently blank).
Bob Swart 11/12/15 20:02:32!/SimonJStuart says: Having trouble with #Delphi #XE2 #Update 3 not showing on the update check? Clear your temporary Internet files and try again, will work! ;)
Bob Swart 11/12/15 20:14:42See to manually download XE2 Update #3 (for registered users only, sorry).
Peter Turner 11/12/15 22:04:19Thanks, it's showing up for me now on the website I didn't need to clear the files (maybe it happened automatically). Check for updates still doesn't work - but it never worked so I'm not complaining, Delphi is in the normal dir.
Bob Swart 11/12/15 22:52:28The Bug Fix list is now fixed as well ;-)
Paul Morey 11/12/19 19:18:23Regarding the solution to the XE2 updates not showing on the update check ("Clear your temporary Internet files and try again, will work!"): What a terrible design! An update notification page should *NEVER* be cached - or at least Delphi should force a refresh of the page when checking for updates! Embarcadero needs to fix this as soon as possible.

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