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Learn about Multi-Tier Application Development with DataSnap XE

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/10/2011 7:26:59 AM (GMT+1)

Embarcadero has just published my new DataSnap white paper where you learn about Multi-Tier Application Development with DataSnap in RAD Studio XE, based on a small but real-world DataSnap application that covers just about everything you can imagine: from secure connections to simple server methods, server methods returning read-only datasets, datasetproviders returning master-detail datasets, with autoincrement primary keys (and how to handle those), using authentication and role based authorisation to secure not only the server methods but also the exposed datasetproviders, deployment and more. You can not only read the white paper, but also view three tutorial videos about the DataSnap Server, Securing the Server, and the DataSnap Client.
A webinar is planned for March 2nd, 2011 in three different timezones.

A more detailed DataSnap XE Development courseware manual, with an extended version of the white paper in the appendix, can be purchased in PDF format from my website, which includes free updates and e-mail support (the second edition with this appendix will be published on Valentine's Day - and will be available as paperback on Lulu the next day).

The printable PDF edition of the book is offered at 50% off for people in Europe who buy the special Delphi XE or RAD Studio XE Enterprise Upgrade from me, which is the ideal way to get started with DataSnap XE.



demo can't run 11/02/11 04:23:47build the demo proj, have an error file not found :codesitelogging.dcu
Bob Swart 11/02/11 07:18:37CodeSiteLogging is the unit from CodeSite, if you have Delphi XE (which is needed for the demo), you will also have CodeSite Express. Did you install CodeSite Express? See also
thanks 11/02/11 15:32:02thanks very much
Tokiro Honashi 11/02/25 15:01:34Thank you for your great job. D? you plane also publish whitepaper DataSnap for ?++ Builder XE?
Vianca 11/04/28 22:41:05You're the grteaest! JMHO
Jimmy Thomas 11/09/02 01:14:53I have an issue with data snap client. when I try to connect to server using Client dataset , I am getting the error 'Servermetod.As_GetRecords Method not found in server method list'. I am using Delphi XE and Sql server. can you please help me on this. Does I missed any thing here.
Bob Swart 11/09/02 10:18:59Is your server method derived from TDSServerModule or just a "regular" TDataModule ?? I have a feeling you derived from a normal TDataModule, right?

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