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Delphi 2006 Update #2

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 4/18/2006 10:03:50 PM (GMT+1)

Delphi 2006 Update #2 is now available for download.

For more information about the update, read the article on BDN, which also contains a nice section on deploying BDS 2006 applications.

According to Chee Wee, there were over 400 fixes, some of which can be found in Quality Central.



Bob Swart06/04/19 09:13:17One warning: the update requires a lot of working disk space to run (about 1.7 GB in my machine), and it looks like it doesn't check on beforehand if this amount is available; it just ran out of disk space (I had 1.5 GB free before I started the update). After the update, space is freed again of course.
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