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SDN Conference, October 19-20 2009 in The Netherlands

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/15/2009 4:47:44 PM (GMT+1)

The SDN Conference 2009 will be held on October 19-20, 2009 in Papendal Arnhem, The Netherlands and contains 15 interesting Delphi sessions.

The selected SDC Delphi speakers and sessions are the following:

  • Marco Cantù
    • Creating Windows 7 Applications in Delphi
    • Multi-Threading in Delphi
    • Domain Specific Languages in Delphi
  • Pawel Glowacki
    • Delphi Natural Input
  • Hadi Hariri
    • ASP.NET MVC in Delphi Prism
    • Advanced ASP.NET MVC in Delphi Prism
  • Chad Hower
    • Connecting to .NET with CrossTalk
    • IntraWeb: Then, Now, and Future
  • Cary Jensen
    • Introduction to WPF Development with Delphi Prism
    • An Introduction to LINQ in Delphi Prism
    • 9 Thread Synchronization Options in Delphi Compared
    • Advantage Database Server and Delphi: A Perfect Match
  • Barry Kelly
    • Delphi Compiler RTTI Enhancements
    • Design of a combined garbage-collection and serialization mechanism
  • Bob Swart
    • Delphi 2010 DataSnap Enhancements
You can Register online. SDN members get a 100 Euro discount on the regular price of 695 Euro. If you're not an SDN member, I can offer you a 50 Euro discount if you mention "Reference code" eBob42 on the registration form.

I hope to see you all at SDC 2009.


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