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Daniel Wischnewski as guest speaker at SDE

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 3/17/2009 9:49:07 AM (GMT+1)

Daniel Wischnewski will be the guest speaker for the Delphi track at the SDE meeting of March 30th 2009 in The Netherlands. Daniel will perform two sessions: Finding you way - Pathfinding with Delphi, and Talkig to the Windows 7 Taskbar API.

In this first session, Daniel will cover “How to get from Munich to Driebergen,” or “How to walk through a labyrinth,” and “Which is the most efficient way from point A to B?”. Using many, different examples you will be introduced to different approaches in finding different solutions to path finding problems. Some are low on resources and fast, others are significantly slower but will always find to best solution – some cominbe the best of both worlds.

In his second session, Daniel will use the public beta of Windows 7 (which has been available since January). For us as developer is now the time to get prepared for what is coming, and how to get our software ready for the next Windows operating system. The first reviews rave about this beta, this means we can expect a fast user transition to Windows 7. The Taskbar is the control center of the users computer and Windows 7 brings forth many enhancements for the end user. Give your users access to the features they are likely to use most.

Daniel Wischnewski works since 2000 as software developer primarily for internet applications. Developing software using CodeGear Delphi and C#, he is interested in emerging technologies on Windows platforms. For CodeGear Germany, Daniel works a Associate Evangelist.


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