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2006/01/19: Delphi 2006 Development Essentials

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 1/14/2006 12:09:30 PM (GMT+1)

On Thursday, January 19th 2006, the first of my eight different Delphi 2006 training days in The Netherlands will start, this time on Delphi 2006 Development Essentials, introducing the BDS IDE (for people coming from a Delphi 7- background), the .NET Framework, and in general the new features in Delphi 2006.

It's only a one day event, so lots to cover in little time, and I'm wrapping up the courseware manual which is approaching 200 pages and will be made available for purchase for those of you who are interested.

It's very refreshing to hear all the positive feedback on BDS 2006, and I can only agree with what I'm hearing. Delphi 2006 is the best Delphi since, well, a long time. There may still be some gotchas, but if you find one: remember to keep those Quality Central reports coming!


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