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Vote for SOAP v1.2 client support in QC

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/17/2008 9:01:13 AM (GMT+1)

In case some of you haven't read the Delphi 2009 readme.htm yet (also in the Release Notes), it mentions the following:

  SOAP Server Notes
The Win32/native SOAP server is currently on the Deprecated list and is
classified as "Other Consideration: Need alternative." If you want a
document/literal server, you should build your SOAP server using Delphi
for .NET (RAD Studio), which supports the SOAP specifications that are
supported by the .NET framework.

Although I can understand that (a bit) for the SOAP server side, I would really want some extended Win32 SOAP support for clients, specifically for SOAP v1.2, MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) and in the end also interoperability for WCF servers.

I've opened a QC feature request report, and invite everyone who also cares about Win32 SOAP (client) support to vote for this report.

Thanks in advance!



Bob Swart 08/09/17 09:34:29See also for a QC report to add client certificates handling to Win32 SOAP.
JB 08/09/17 09:51:39I do not understand this - what happened to greater native Win focus at CodeGear?
Lars Fosdal 08/09/17 11:14:52I would guess that the general direction within CodeGear for http delivered content focuses on ASP.NET. This is not unnatural as the ASP.NET platform address issues like scalability and redundancy in a coherent fashion, unlike a Win32 based single app.server or service where you would have to roll your own mechanisms for this. In addition, you get all that free .NET functionality without having a parallel set of source code. That said, I like the neatness and ease of whipping up a self-contained server/service in Win32. In many environments, it will cover a need for quick and easy intranet content delivery. More importantly: Adding SOAP 1.2 and MTOM support to the WSDL importer is definitively a requirement. Vote added.
Bob Swart 08/09/17 11:19:00Lars: I agree with moving to ASP.NET for SOAP Servers, but not for the clients, since Win32 applications also need to be able to consume web services (with new and emerging standards)without the need to move to .NET. Thanks for your vote! 35 and counting...
Guus Creuwels 08/09/17 13:51:02My vote is in! I was looking for MTOM support in Win32, but did not yet find it :-(. I hoped it would be in 2009, but as it seems, it is not...
Bob Swart 08/09/17 13:56:05Guus: Thanks for your vote! Already at 81!!
Mauricio Buso 08/09/17 19:10:30Votted Bob. []´s from Brazil people
Bob Swart 08/09/17 20:16:28After 120 votes, the QC report was just opened! Thanks! Let's hope we'll see some result soon (and in the meantime, keep up the voting)...
Bob Swart 08/09/26 22:49:39With 215 votes, it's now number 2 in the Top 10 list of Delphi reports in QC... Wow!
Bob Swart 09/05/17 16:31:51Delphi Weaver is said to include full support for SOAP 1.2 clients (see for details)...
Esoj 10/02/20 00:20:15I Saw this post a few days ago, i need to get some large pdf docs from a .Net web service that implements MTOM, well after read all posts i get delphi 2010 but now what need to do to my delphi client will able to call the Webmethod without get the error "Unsupported Media Type", thanks in advance i hope someone could help me. regards.

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