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Help Update 2 for RAD Studio 2007 (Feb08)

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 3/1/2008 9:46:10 AM (GMT+1)

The Help Update 2 for RAD Studio 2007 is now available, not yet for download from the Registered Users Page, but using the Check for Updates tool included with RAD Studio 2007:

As the dialog says, we should first read before installing this help update.
Once you click on the Download button, the Feb08 Help Update will be downloaded, and after a while the message will appear that the updates are ready to install:

Click on the tray icon to allow the RAD Studio - InstallAware Wizard to pop-up again.

And then click Install.

After a little while, you can select the language for the installation, and after that the RAD Studio Help System - InstallAware Wizard will show itself. You need to accept the license agreement, and then the wizard is ready to download the updated helpfiles:

Click Next and Next, and then the download and installation process starts.

After a while the wizard is done, and your help is updated!

I think it's one of the best features of RAD Studio that they kept the Help and IDE as separate installs, so the Help can be updated without having to update the entire IDE (and vice versa). This is the second time we've had a Help Update - I hope it's not the last.

Thanks CodeGear, keep up the good work!


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Bob Swart 08/03/05 10:44:59If you want to verify that the Feb 08 Help update has been installed, just take a look at the about box:

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