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Delphi 2006 ECO III ASP.NET Weblog tutorial

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/9/2007 12:56:38 PM (GMT+1)

With the release of CodeGear RAD Studio 2007, I will see if a rewrite is needed, but for now I've published on Lulu the complete tutorial on how to use Delphi 2006 and Enterprise Code Objects (ECO) III to build an ASP.NET weblog which has been up since August 2005 (more than two years) and has had numerous posts, reads and comments.

One of the features I've added to the implementation of my weblog (which is not described in the tutorial) is the handling of spam comments. Since I do not enforce visitors to enter a number of register themselves before they can leave comments, this sometimes leads to spam comments. However, I've added a small filter that will try to determine if a comment is spam or not. Apart from that, each spam comment is also e-mailed to a special account which means that I will be able to read (and delete) the comment afterwards. It's not perfect, but at least I prefer this solution to other solutions which often mean more trouble/inconvenience for the blog readers.

(and no, this is not in invitation or challenge to comment spammers)


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