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Delphi for Win32 VCL Database Development on Lulu

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/4/2007 9:27:16 PM (GMT+1)

In this 88-page saddle stitch book about Database Development with (Turbo) Delphi that I just published on, I'll cover the Borland Database Engine (BDE), dbGo for ADO, dbExpress and the stand-alone TClientDataSet.
I'm using Paradox, MyBase and SQL Server for the example application, which is built for each data access technology, including examples of data coversion from one to another.
Finally, for Delphi 2007 developers, I've added a special introduction section on DBX4 and the new features in this latest release of the dbExpress data access framework.

The information in this paperback can be used with all versions of Delphi, although ADO needs Delphi 5 or higher, dbExpress needs Delphi 6 or higher, and DBX4 is only part of Delphi 2007 (or higher).

Shortly after Delphi Highlander ships, I will follow-up with a special DBX4 Database Development paperback.



Servando Pestano 07/09/05 10:51:24Well, there are some problems when accessing right now... [9/5/2007 9:45 AM (GMT)] :-( "We are currently performing site maintenance. We'll be back shortly!" I saw yesterday Nice list..! Regards.
Bob Swart 07/09/05 10:58:14Yes, I noticed this as well. Right after I published my 8th book on and blogged about it. Coincidence? ;-)
Bob Swart 07/09/05 11:19:30Lulu is back online again.
Servando Pestano 07/09/05 12:42:11Yep! All right now... ;-)

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