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Delphi 2007 Update #1

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 6/7/2007 7:15:50 AM (GMT+1)

If you let Delphi 2007 search for updates, you'll find it. Alternately, go to if you want to download it yourself. Note that you must be logged in to CDN and be a registered user of Delphi 2007 to get to that page.

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Bob Swart 07/07/06 22:16:52If you want to verify that you've installed the update, check the About Box. If the version number says 11.0.2709.7128 then the update succeeded. If you still see 11.0.2627.5503 then you need to try again I'm afraid...
Bob Swart 07/07/08 15:59:31If you want to download the 4,463,738,880 byte 11.0.2709.7128.2_delphi.iso file, make sure you use a download utility or plug-in that can handle files bigger than 4 GB. FireFox with the DownThemAll Add-on works just fine, but IE3 or FireFox 1.x without that plugin don't work correcly, and only result in a 168 MB file...
Francisco Benavides 07/07/09 19:21:41I was about to purchase C++ Builder 2007 when I found out that there was an additional amount of money I had to pay to have access to only 12 months of updates..... What does it mean ? If they don't make any update during those 12 months, I paid for nothing ? I'd like some feedback of you people who have already bought these new code gear development tools.... Thank you
Bob Swart 07/07/09 22:55:28I believe we should see the SA as a subscription. If you renew every year, then you will get every new update and upgrade in that period. This is good for you (you only have a fixed price to pay for 12 months, and will get all tools in the SA subscription - product or studio), and it's good for CodeGear (they have a certain amount of income that they can use to invest in new developments, which in the end is good for all users again). SA is cheaper than buying every version (or even every other version), and it results in much more reliable and secure chain of updates and upgrades (and a more steady stream of revenue for CodeGear). I'm all for it!

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