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This page contains links to the 42 C++Builder articles and papers published on my website. Apart from these articles, you should also read my Dr.Bob Examines columns.

13 Delphi/Kylix/C++Builder Tip-of-the-Hats:
Tip #13: Design or Runtime?
     In this tip I show how to distinguish between design-time and runtime inside your applications.
Tip #12: C++Builder 5 WebBroker DLLs
     In this tip I fix the "only one data module per application" error for C++Builder 5 WebBroker DLLs.
Tip #11: Apache DSO and Post with Kylix 1.0
     In this tip I fix a bug in Kylix 1.0 Server Developer for Apache DSO applications using POSTs.
Tip #10: Start Me Up!
     In this tip I explain some of the Delphi 5 start-up options that are available and can be very handy.
Tip #9: Components and Names
     In this tip I explain some gotchas with the T42Edit, T42Label and T42DBEdit components.
Tip #8: Data-Aware Right-Aligned T42DBEdit
     In this tip I implement a data-aware edition of the right-aligned (numerical) T42Edit.
Tip #7: Shading T42Label
     In this tip I implement a TLabel component with lowered and raised shading styles.
Tip #6: Right-Aligned T42Edit
     In this tip I implement a right-aligned TEdit component which is handy for numerical input.
Tip #5: Delphi 1.0x TCustomOutline
     In this tip I fix a minor problem in the TCustomOutline component of Delphi 1.0x
Tip #4: Refresh FileListBox
     In this tip I experiment with several ways to refresh the contents of the TFileListBox.
Tip #3: Enter as TAB (2)
     In this tip I follow-up on the previous item by showing how to use Enter as TAB inside a TDBGrid.
Tip #2: Enter as TAB?
     In this tip I answer the classic question: how can I use the enter key as tab?
Tip #1: Pointing with an hourglass
     In this tip I show how to turn the mouse pointer into an hourglass and back to normal.

3 CORBA articles:
C++Builder 4 and CORBA Exceptions
C++Builder 4 and CORBA
C++Builder 3 and CORBA

17 C++Builder lost+found: (by Ruurd Pels)
#17: What runtime where
#16: Hacking the ORB
#15: Living Apart Together
#14: Sorting letters
#13: No such luck... yet
#12: That's me over there
#11: Stand up and be counted
#10: Give me your number and I will call back
 #9:  Look Ma! No Pointers
 #8:  View to a kill
 #7:  Ebony and Ivory
 #6:  Friends near and far
 #5:  Haves and havenots
 #4:  Assignment to self
 #3:  Orthodox Canonical Form
 #2:  matherr revisited
 #1:  matherr

9 C++Builder articles:
Installing C++Builder 4 NT Services
C++Builder 4 and NT Services (by Bob Swart)
C++Builder 4 Code Insight (by Bob Swart)
C++Builder 4 Review
C++Builder 3 Review
C++Builder 3 Product Launch (by Arjan Jansen)
C++ Structured Exception Handling
C++ Patterns and Trees: Separating Knowledge
C++Builder Tips and Tricks

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