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 Borland C++Builder 4 Code Insight
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Thanks to Inprise, we can show you a special preview - including the first screenshots - of C++Builder version 4 (due soon, we all hope).

Without further due, let's start with an overview of some of the new features that we will find in C++Builder 4:

Code Parameters
Code Insight - Code Parameters

Code parameters - View the required arguments for a method as you enter it into your code. If automatic Code Parameters is enabled, a tooltip appears when you type a function followed by the opening parenthesis; the syntax for the parameters is displayed. Press Shift+Ctrl+Spacebar to display the list box at any time, whether or not Code Parameters is on automatic.

Code Completion
Code Insight - Code Completion

Code completion - When enabled, the Code Completion dialog box is displayed after you enter a class name followed by a dot (.) or a pointer to an object followed by an arrow (->). The list of properties, methods and events appropriate to the class is displayed. Select the item to be entered in your code. When you enter an assignment statement and press Ctrl+Spacebar, the list of arguments valid for the variable is displayed. Select an argument to be entered in your code. Similarly, you can bring up a list of arguments when typing a procedure, function, or method call and need to add an argument, or when you are typing an array property (not a genuine array) and you need to type an index expression.

ClassExplorer & IDE ClassExplorer and IDE

ClassExplorer - The ClassExplorer makes it easy to navigate through your unit files and automates the creation of classes. It contains a live tree diagram showing all the types, classes, properties, methods, global variables, and global routines defined in your unit.

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