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 Dr.Bob's SOAP & DataSnap papers
 Dr.Bob's SOAP & DataSnap papers will explain how to build DataSnap Web Service engines and clients.
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Welcome to Dr.Bob's dynamic "SOAP & DataSnap" paper configurator. This WebBroker application is able to produce the white paper you want, based on your choice of SOAP Server development environment: Delphi 2005 Enterprise (for Win32), Delphi 7.x Enterprise, C++Builder 6 Enterprise, Delphi 6.02 Enterprise (or Delphi 6.0x Enterprise before 6.02), or Kylix 2 or 3 Enterprise, your choice of web server application (CGI, ISAPI/NSAPI, Apache, Web App Debugger), your choice of database engine (dbExpress, BDE or MyBase), and finally your choice of SOAP Client development environment (again Delphi 2005 (for Win32), Delphi 7.x, C++Builder 6, Delphi 6.02, Delphi 6.0x, or Kylix 2 or 3).
You can use the four comboboxes below you make a dynamic choice of the possible combinations:

I welcome all feedback, error reports and suggestions for improvements. Thanks in advance, and have fun!

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