Visual Café Programming Frontrunner

by Doug Garret, Anthony Potts, David H. Friedel jr
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Visual Café Programming Frontrunner
Doug Garret, Anthony Potts, David H. Friedel jr
The Coriolis Group Books
417 pages (CD-ROM)
US$ 29.99
Symantec's Visual Café was one of the first Java IDEs that made it possible to visually design your Java apps. Visual Café Programming Frontrunner promises to give us an insight in Visual Café. The book isn't just about Visual Café, but also overs basics about the Java language. So the book is a mix for the Java language and Visual Café.

The chapters are mixed together. The chapters about Java explain the basics of this language. But if you're just starting with Java these basics aren't enough. For a better Java book for beginners see Writing Java programs also by Coriolis.

The chapters about Visual Café are quit disappointing. The description of the IDE doesn't add anything to the online help of Visual Café. Especially a description about the Symantec components would be very nice, because the Visual Café help files aren't too clear about those. But Chapter 11 Component library only gives a brief description about the components supplied by Symantec.

It's seems that the authors were trying to write a all-in-one book for Java and Visual Café, but because the two subjects aren't explored deep enough, the mix doesn't quit work.

(Hubert Klein Ikkink)

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