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 Book Review: Professional Linux Programming
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Professional Linux Programming
Neil Matthew and Richard Stones, et al
1200 pages (no CD-ROM)

Authors & Topics
A new multi-author book (16 in total: Neil Matthew and Richard Stones, Brad Clements, Christopher Browne, Andrew Froggatt, David J. Goodger, Ivan Griffin, Jeff Licquia, Ronald van Loon, Harish Rawat, Udaya Ranawake, Marius Sundbakken, Deepak Thomas, Stephen J. Turnbull, David Woodhouse, Richard Stones) published in September 2000 by WROX Press is about Professional Linux Programming, covering the following topics: Databases, PostgreSQL, MySQL, LDAP, security, device drivers, GTK+, GNOME, Glade, GUI, KDE, Qt, Python, PHP, RPC, diskless systems, multimedia, internationalization, CORBA, PAM, RPM, CVS, Flex, Bison, Beowulf, Clustering, ORBit, MPI, PVM, and XML.
Most of the code is in C/C++, although two chapters cover other programming languages as well (including PHP and Python).

Wow, the list of topics is even longer than the list of authors this time! Every author was selected to be a master in the field, and the combination is a great book which could probably not have been this good if it was written by only one author (one expert in all fields) instead of many.
This book is a good follow-up for the Beginning Linux Programming, also by Neil Matthew and Richard Stones, published in September 1999 by WROX, which is one of my personal favorite Linux Programming books.

(Bob Swart)

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