Web Developer's Guide to java beans

by Jalal Feghhi

Web Developer's Guide to java beans
Jalal Feghhi
The Coriolis Group Books
398 pages
US$ 39.99
Although this book is almost a year old (the forword is dated March 1997), I still consider it of great value.

The book is not a mere overview of java beans or "How to write java beans". It also contains a clear overview of ActiveX, COM, CORBA and OpenDOC (in Part I).

Part II describes the fundamentals of java beans, from the "Hello, world" bean to the use of properties and (JDK 1.1) events. We also learn about persistence and the reflection API, as well as additional BeanInfo classes.

Part III shows us different ways to use java beans, including wrapping them as ActiveX and using them in a Visual Basic "environment" (I'm sure the same can be done with a JBuilder java bean in Delphi or C++Builder)...

(Bob Swart)

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