Borland Delphi How-To
by Gary Frerking, Nathan Wallace, Wayne Niddery

This book review was first published in the Jan/Feb 1996 UK-BUG newsletter
Borland Delphi How-To
Gary Frerking, Nathan Wallace, Wayne Niddery
Waite Group Press
850 pages with CD-ROM
US$ 39.95

Borland Delphi How-To is a very good book to read _after_ you've read some other (often introductionary) Delphi books and are ready to do some real world projects. The book consists of 113 problems with (detailed) solutions, divided and grouped into 12 chapters with topics as follows: 1. Forms (11), 2. Standard Components (10), 3. Documents and Text (10), 4. Mouse and Menu (9), 5. Graphics (10), 6. Multimedia (9), 7. Environment and System (16), 8. Peripherals (8), 9. Database (9), 10. OLE and DDE (7), 11. The Polished Application (4) and a miscelaneous chapter 12. Tips and Tricks (10). (the numbers between brackets indicate the number of problems/solutions per chapter). All problems/solutions have a little indication about the complexity level (either easy, intermediate or advanced) to prepare the reader. They are all problems, however, that you will face when you start working on that next killer app of yours!

The book can be used in two ways: either you can start reading it from cover to cover, or you can just browse it once, and keep the table of contents at hand (for when you're facing a problem and need a solution). Either way, you will learn a lot from the book, although I personally prefer to use it in the later way (as a reference for when I'm in trouble). This way, if you just make sure you have the book at hand, the page of contents is actually the most important part (I made a copy of it to keep at hand at all times ).

The CD-ROM contains a massive amount of about 400 Mb of code and examples, including sample versions of Orpheus and a lot of HTML stuff for the Web.

(Bob Swart)

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