Delphi 3 - User Interface Design
by Warren Kovach

Delphi 3 - User Interface Design
Warren Kovach
Prentice Hall
509 pages with CD-ROM
Intermediate - Advanced
All versions of Delphi
Including a wealth of Delphi example code and interface design tools, this book discusses the methods and concepts of proper software interface design and usability with Delphi 3. Beneath that, particular emphasis is placed on writing bullet-proof programming and Delphi coexisting with Windows.
As a developer, your user interface is effectively your "shop window", so it is vital that your software is clear, consistent and easy-to-use. Delphi 3 - User Interface Design is aimed at developers who need to produce solid, modern looking programs. The emphasis is on real-world problems in developing applications, not just programming techniques. There are plenty of examples of how to program various user interface elements in Delphi. Several programming styles are discussed. Learn how to add the latest features that give your program a modern look, such as status bars, toolbars (including dockable toolbars and the latest CoolBar type), multipage dialog boxes and wizards, rollup dialogs and toolboxes, "What's this" help buttons, recently used file lists, splash screens and "gang screens" or "Easter eggs". Practical techniques for maximizing simplicity, efficiency, flexibility and robustness. There are also sections on bullet proof programming and effective error reporting, handle errors gracefully and report them to the user in a clear fashion, giving your users the best in on-line assistance. Efficient multitasking and accessing system information, are also discussed, some issues you don't except when you look at the title of the book. Specialy the multitasking subject is rarely discussed in Delphi books, I was pleased to see some good examples and tips about it. A separate chapter on writing international applications is included, written by Ludovic Dubois, the developer of the Polyglot Delphi internationalization expert. Increase your market by translating your program.

Throughout the book the new features of Delphi 3 are highlighted, particularly those that aid in implementing the latest user interface features. A separate chapter reviews the new features of Delphi 3 and introduces the ActiveX/COM support and the new Internet features.
The CD-ROM contains all source code, and the entire book in Adobe PDF-format. The code was tested under all versions of Delphi, including the 16-bit version 1 - and where necessary, different techniques were developed for the 16-bit versions.

(Paul Siteur)

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