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 Review: Delphi.NET Developer's Guide
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Delphi.NET Developer's Guide
Xavier Pacheco et al.

This book is the first (and as far as I know the only) book about Delphi 8 for .NET, written by Xavier Pacheco with guest authors Steve Teixeira, Nick Hodges, Alessandro Federici, Rick Ross, Steven Beebe, and Brian Long, and Hallvard Vassbotn as technical reviewer.
The book has 34 chapters, divided over 5 parts:

  1. Introduction to the .NET Framework
    1. Introduction to .NET
    2. Overview of the .NET Framework
  2. Delphi for .NET Programming Language
    3. Introduction to Delphi for .NET and the New IDE
    4. Programs, Units, and Namespaces
    5. The Delphi Language
  3. The .NET Framework Class Library Development
    6. Assemblies - Libraries and Packages]
    7. GDI+ Progamming - Drawing in .NET
    8. Mono - A Cross Platform .NET Project
    9. Memory Management and Garbage Collection
    10. Collections
    11. Working with the String and StringBuilder Classes
    12. File and Streaming Operations
    13. Developing CUstom WinForms Controls
    14. Threading in Delphi for .NET
    15. Reflection API
    16. Interoperability - COM Interop and the Platform Invocation Service
  4. Database Development with ADO.NET
    17. Overview of ADO.NET
    18. Using the Connection Object
    19. Using Command and DataReader Objects
    20. DataAdapters and DataSets
    21. Working with WinForms - DataViews and Data Binding
    22. Saving Data to the Data Source
    23. Working with Transactions and Strongly-Typed Datasets
    24. The Borland Data Provider
  5. Internet Development with ASP.NET
    25. ASP.NET Fundamentals
    26. Building ASP.NET Web Pages
    27. Building Dtaabase Driven ASP.NET Applications
    28. Building Web Services
    29. .NET Remoting with Delphi
    30. .NET Remoting in Action
    31. Securing ASP.NET Applications
    32. ASP.NET Deployment and Configuration
    33. Caching and Managing State in ASP.NET Applications
    34. Developing Custom ASP.NET Server Controls
Nick Hodges has written chapter 34 on ASP.NET controls for this book.

Although 34 chapters are a lot, and this is no book that you can read in less than a week, there are still a number of topics that I feel are missing from this book. From small topics, such as sealed classes and final methods (in part II of the book), to the lack of coverage of the DB Web controls in the ASP.NET part, and Enterprise Core Objects (ECO). There is also hardly any coverage of VCL for .NET or migration details from VCL to .NET. Finally, there is little coverage of the Borland Data Provider (only one chapter in the ADO.NET part, and no coverage in combination with ASP.NET).
The fact that Borland-specific technologies (such as VCL for .NET, BDP, the DB Web controls, and ECO) are hardly covered comes from the fact that the main goals for the book are:

  1. Teach existing Delphi developers .NET.
  2. Teach new .NET developers .NET by using Delphi.
Which excludes any Borland specific enhancements, I reckon. Something to keep in mind if you're looking for VCL for .NET or detailed BDP coverage (for example in combination with ASP.NET and the DB Web controls) - which you won't find here.
Of course, the topics that remain are more than enough to satisfy the needs of Delphi developers who want to learn about .NET (using Delphi). And as such the book is highly recommended.

You can order the book with a discount from or

(Bob Swart)

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