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2010 - JavaFX 2010-2011 Roadmap
The JavaFX 2010-2011 Roadmap is a tentative schedule intended to outline Oracle's general product direction, which is subject to change pending feedback of the developer community and finalization of the internal planning process.
Oracle is committed to making JavaFX the premier environment for rich client applications. Built on the Java platform, JavaFX provides an ideal solution for creating expressive applications and modern user experiences. The main focus areas for the next release of the product include Java APIs for JavaFX, a new high performance graphics engine, support for media playback, the ability to embed HTML content within a JavaFX application, UI controls, and improved deployment.

2009 - JBuilder 2008 R2
JBuilder 2008 R2 is the latest release of Embarcadero's enterprise-class, Eclipse-based Java IDE which supports the leading commercial and open source Java EE 5 application servers.
There are two JBuilder 2008 R2 Product Editions: JBuilder 2008 R2 Enterprise and JBuilder 2008 R2 Professional. See the JBuilder 2008 R2 - What's New page for more information.

2008/07/01 - JBuilder X and 2005 De-Supported
JBuilder X and JBuilder 2005 are now officially de-supported, and no longer eligible for Technical Support.

2007/08/14 - Mr.Haki's Blogspot
Mr.Haki has his own blogspot, check it out!

2007/08/14 - CodeGear JBuilder Roadmap
The JBuilder product roadmap contains future development plans and time frames for product releases. The information in the roadmap describes CodeGear’s general product direction at this time, and should not be relied on in making a licensing decision. The future development, release and timing of features and functionality remains at our sole discretion and may be changed at any time without notice.

2007/08/13 - CodeGear announces JGear
CodeGear has announced 3 new Eclipse tool plug-ins to help Java Developers increase performance and productivity on Eclipse and open-source tooling. The new JGear product line includes:

2007/05/08 - New JBuilder 2007 release
Just in time for the JavaOne 2007 conference, CodeGear announced a new release of JBuilder 2007. The new release includes new developer features and pricing with expanded platform support for Microsoft Windows and Vista as well as Mac OS X and RedHat Linux.
This new release of JBuilder 2007 will be available for purchase later this month in English. French, German, and Japanese language versions of the new JBuilder 2007 release are currently scheduled to be available in June.
The new release of JBuilder 2007 includes a JBuilder 2007 Turbo Edition and JBuilder 2007 Edition for individual developers and small development teams, and a JBuilder 2007 Enterprise Edition for enterprise developers and collaborative teams.

2007/04/24 - Vote for JBuilder in JDJ awards
Support CodeGear by voting in the JDJ reader's choice awards (SysCon is offering a One Year FREE Subscription (or extension to an existing subscription) to the Java Developer's Journal magazine with your vote! A $70 Value for U.S. and $40 Value (digital edition) for International Subscribers.

2006/12/11 - Free InterBase 2007 Developer Edition
InterBase 2007 Developer Edition (for Windows, Linux and Solaris) and InterBase 2007 Server Edition (trial) as well as InterBase 7.5 Server trial are now available for download from the CodeGear website.

2006/12/06 - JBuilder 2007 Web Launch on Dec 6th
Hear from R&D and Product Management in a webcast on December 6th how to take control of your Java development with Velocity, Balance, & Confidence.

2006/12/04 - Chat with Ben Smith, CodeGear CEO - Monday, December 4, 2006
On Monday, December 4th at 19:00 GMT/UTC, join Ben Smith, CodeGear CEO, and David I in an open community chat on the BDNradio internet site. A replay of the audio broadcast and the chat log will be posted on the Developer Network after the event.

2006/11/27 - BDNtv: JBuilder 2007 short presentation and video
This short video presents an overview of JBuilder 2007. JBuilder 2007 brings accelerated development tools to Eclipse, with its renowned RAD and collaborative capabilities, making development fast and reliable for Java, open source and the web.

2006/11/27 - Maximizing Open Source Value with JBuilder 2007
An introduction and overview whitepaper on JBuilder 2007, OpenSource and Eclipse has just been published on BDN.

2006/11/20 - CodeGear announces JBuilder 2007
Today, CodeGear, formerly known as the Developer Tools Group of Borland Software Corporation, announced JBuilder 2007, an enterprise-class integrated development environment (IDE) built on Eclipse to make collaborative development fast and reliable for Java, open source and the web.
JBuilder 2007 is about continuing the same rich and comprehensive development environment that Borland's Developer Tools Group achieved with the JBuilder product line, but is now based on Eclipse. Today's release includes JBuilder 2007 Developer for individuals, JBuilder 2007 Professional for departmental users, and JBuilder 2007 Enterprise for enterprise teams.

2006/10/02 - JBuilder 2007 Partner CD
The Borland Developer Tools Group (DTG) is on track to release JBuilder 2007 (code named "Project Peloton") later this year. As part of the product, there will be a Partner CD containing lots of third party tools.
To participate in the Partner CD program you need to be a Borland Technology Partner (BTP) like me. Both this program and placement on the Partner CD is currently free of charge.

2006 July - GetPublished Article Contest
There's a new contest on the Borland Developer Network for the month July 2006: write an original technical article to be published on the Borland Developer Network (BDN) on any C++, C# or Java topic using a Borland development tool. The article should be a minimum of 2,000 words. Articles must be of a technical nature and may not reflect marketing information.

2006/06/30 - What is JBuilder 'Peleton'?
For those of you who don't know yet: Peloton is the code name for JBuilder 2007, the next version of JBuilder, which will be based on the Eclipse IDE. JBuilder 1 through 3 were based on the Delphi IDE. JBuilder 3.5 through 2006 are based on Primetime, our all-Java IDE framework. JBuilder "Peloton" is the first JBuilder release to be based on the Eclipse IDE framework

2006/06/19 - BDNtv: JBuilder 'Peloton' web services development
In this episode of BDNtv, Jon Harrison demonstrates support for the rapid visual modeling, design, and testing of Java web services in the JBuilder "Peloton" development environment.

2006/06/16 - BDNtv: JBuilder 2006 project import into JBuilder 'Peloton'
In this episode of BDNtv, Jon Harrison demonstrates support for the easy importation of existing JBuilder 2006 projects into the JBuilder "Peloton" development environment.

2006/06/09 - JBuilder Product Roadmap
The updated JBuilder Roadmap is published, with information on JBuilder 2006, JBuilder "Peloton" as well as future JBuilder 2008 and 2009. The Developer Tools Group is excited about the path of JBuilder as it enhances the current release with updates and moves to the Eclipse framework including:

Over the coming years JBuilder will continue to provide the same innovative features and ease-of-use that users have come to expect from the JBuilder franchise, but will increasingly appeal to developers who want to leverage Eclipse plug-ins, open source tools and emerging development paradigms including SOA

2006/05/16 - JBuilder 3-year Roadmap
The Developer Tools Group of Borland announced details around a three-year product roadmap for JBuilder, its award-winning Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The roadmap includes an update to JBuilder 2006, a new underlying framework based on Eclipse in JBuilder 2007 (“Peloton”), and provides insight into the functionality being developed in future JBuilder versions.
Future capabilities for the product line include new team collaboration and developer productivity features, support for new Java standards and emerging open source tools and frameworks, enhanced support for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and more.

2006/04/04 - JBuilder Roadmap
According to the JBuilder Roadmap post in Joa McGlynn's blog, the JBuilder Team is working hard on the next release of JBuilder, codenamed “Peloton” (an Eclipse-based version of JBuilder), but also on on Service Pack 1 for JBuilder 2006. There will be another service pack for JBuilder 2006 in the fall.

2006/03/06 - Borland Java Development Tools Survey 2006
The JBuilder team can use your help in planning future product directions. This is your chance to provide valuable input to the team on a variety of topics.
The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Your feedback will influence future versions of JBuilder.

2006/02/08 - Borland seeks buyer for IDE division
Borland announced plans to seek a buyer for the portion of its business associated with the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), including the award-winning Borland Developer Studio (Delphi, C++Builder and C#Builder) and JBuilder product lines.
On Borland Developer Network, there's is a community letter by David I, as well as a letter from the CEO Tod Nielsen.

2005/11/07 - JBuilder and Eclipse
At the Borland Developers Conference in San Francisco, it was mentioned that future versions of JBuilder will be based on the Eclipse IDE (and no longer on the PrimeTime IDE).

2004/11/01 - JBuilder 9 De-Supported
JBuilder 9 is now officially de-supported, and is no longer eligible for Technical Support.

2005/10/04 - JBuilder 2006 launch chat
You can now read the log of the chat room during the live audio chat from September 21, 2005 on JBuilder 2006 with Rob Cheng, Troy Kitch, Charles Overbeck, and Bill Joy.

2005/09/07 - BDNtv: JBuilder 2006 Virtual Peer Programming
This BTNtv episode is about JBuilder 2006 Virtual Peer Programming. Borland JBuilder 2006 includes new capabilities to help software teams more effectively collaborate in real-time, even across geographic boundaries, with new peer-to-peer developer collaboration features.

2005/09/06 - JBuilder 2006 Launched
Borland announces the release of JBuilder 2006 - Peer-to-peer collaboration capabilities added to award-winning JBuilder IDE, brings "Virtual Peer Programming" to even widely distributed software teams.

2005/07/08 - Borland CEO Dale Fuller resigns
Dale Fuller has resigned his post of CEO this Thursday, although he will remain as a director. Scott Arnold will be interim president and chief executive officer.
According to Marketwatch, Borland further warns that the Q2 results will be less than expected.

2005/06/30 - BDNradio JBuilder public roadmap
Listen to Rob Cheng and JBuilder R&D members discuss the future of JBuilder, or read about it in the chat room transcript

2005/06/21 - Borland to Ring In New Era of Java™ Innovation at JavaOne
Borland Invites Community to Celebrate Java’s Tenth Anniversary and Software Delivery Optimization at JavaOne’s Premier Party

2005/05/31 - Borland JBuilder Roadmap
Borland today announced details around the future of JBuilder. The roadmap includes an increasing investment in Eclipse as JBuilder's underlying integration framework, the introduction of new innovative developer collaboration and productivity capabilities, and a clear path for developers to take advantage of Borland's Software Delivery Optimization vision.
For more information, read the Roadmap FAQ.

2005/05/01 - JBuilder 8 De-Supported
JBuilder 8 is now officially de-supported, and is no longer eligible for Technical Support.

2005/04/29 - Borland is Not Open Sourcing JBuilder
Erik Frieberg, Borland's Vice President of Product Marketing, responds to a recent article in that misinterpreted comments about JBuilder from our recent earnings call.

2005/03/14 - Guiffy 7.0
Guiffy 7.0 (Build 158) is released and generally available from Also, there is a new Guiffy User Group Forum on CMCrossroads.

2005/03/04 - JBuilder 2005 Update #4
JBuilder 2005 update #4 is now available. Note that Update #3 has been around for quite a while, living under an assumed name called "Application Server Update".

2005/01/31 - JBuilder 2005 Live Chat
Monday, January 31, 2005, 10:00AM PST (18:00 GMT) a live audio chat with Shelby Sanders (R&D) and Karl Ewald (R&D). They will discuss the EJB designer, targeting, JBoss and more in JBuilder 2005.

2004/12/18 - JBuilder 2005 Live Chats
You can participate in live interviews with the R&D engineers that built JBuilder 2005.

2004/12/15 - Guiffy 6.5 "CEDAR" (Build 145)
Guiffy 6.5 "CEDAR" (Build 145) is released and generally available. 6.5 includes several features:

6.5 also includes all the bug fixes since 6.4 Build 140.

2004/12/05 - JBuilder 2005 Update #1
Registered users of JBuilder 2005 can now download Update #1. This update is intended for all supported platforms and SKUs for JBuilder 2005.
For more information on the update, you can read the release notes.

2004/11/01 - Guiffy beta on JDK 1.5
Guiffy is a cross-platform diff/merge software solution, what can be used to compare and diff/merge source files of any type. The latest version Guiffy 6.4 has been tested with Java 1.5 (officially released on Sept 30, 2004), and no problems were found so far.

2004/11/01 - JBuilder 7 De-Supported
JBuilder 7 (and earlier) is now officially de-supported, and is no longer eligible for Technical Support.

2004/10/19 - Guiffy 6.4 "OAK" (Build 140)
The 6.4 "OAK" release of Guiffy includes the major feature --- Folded Compare/Merge Views. The Folded Views feature supports much larger files and is upto 10X faster. Guiffy 6.4 also includes a couple minor enhancements and several bug fixes.
For more information, see the Guiffy website.

2004/10/18 - SureMerge white paper
This white paper describes an advanced 3-way merge solution. First, it discusses the many problems that have plagued 3-way merge implementations -- test case kits are provided to detect their existence. Then, it shows how solutions for these problems were designed and implemented in a working product, Guiffy SureMerge.

2004/10/08 - Borland JBuilder 2005 IDE Tour
In the latest BDNtv episode Jeff Wilsbacher, a JBuilder QA engineer, provides a whirlwind touf of the JBuilder 2005 IDE, showing many of the interface and productivity options. He shows way to use the three main IDE panes, and customize your IDE preferences. The new classes view, Code folding, the UML view's refactoring and navigation, project management options and improvements, code auto-formatting options, and more are shown.

2004/10/06 - Borland JBuilder 2005
The free 30-day trial version of JBuilder 2005 Enterprise, which after the 30-days turns into the non-expiring JBuilder 2005 Foundation edition is now available for download. This download lets you experience the full power of JBuilder 2005 Enterprise for 30 days and then becomes JBuilder 2005 Foundation.
Available in Windows and Mac (662 MB), Linux (686 MB) and Solaris (693 MB) flavours.

2004/09/30 - Borland JBuilder 2005 shipping
Borland JBuilder 2005 is now shipping in multiple languages including English, German, and Japanese. If you are currently a JBuilder owner, be sure to take advantage of the great upgrade offers that are available right now.
There is already a nice JBuilder 2005 demo available on BDNtv.

2004/09/11-15: Borland Conference 2004 Report
Like previous years, I have written a "live" Conference Report on this website including details of all major events, Borland and 3rd-party announcements and session details.

2004/08/10 - Borland announces JBuilder 2005
Borland today announced the launch of Borland JBuilder 2005, the newest version of its award-winning cross-platform IDE for Java.
JBuilder 2005 will ship three editions in September: Borland JBuilder Enterprise, primarily for J2EE, Web application and Web Services development, Borland JBuilder Developer for Web application and code-centric development, and Borland JBuilder Foundation, a free, fully functional environment for Java development. JBuilder 2005 will be available on Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X operating systems.
JBuilder 2005 will be available directly from Borland via the Borland sales force and online store, as well as through reseller partners. JBuilder Foundation will be available free for download.

2004/07/12 - JBuilder 11 JavaServer Faces Demo
Borland has prepared a sneak preview demo of some of the JavaServer Faces capabilities of JBuilder 11.
Shockwave and high-resolution required (but it's worth it).

2004/07/08 - Borland at JavaOne
A review of JavaOne including Borland announcements, survey results, and press coverage is available on the Borland Developer Network.
Also very interesting is Eric Gunnerson's thoughts on JavaOne.

2004/06/25 - Borland at JavaOne
Borland, a Platinum sponsor of this year's JavaOne in San Francisco (June 28-July 1, 2004) invites you to stop by their booth #609. You can then pick up a ALM for Java Multimedia CD, a Borland T-shirt, and a party invitation for Tuesday evening, June 29th @ Club NV.

2004/05/02 - JBuilder Customer Application Server Usage
A JBuilder Customer Application Server Usage Survey is online here. This is your chance to tell the Developer Tools Business Unit more about your application server usage within JBuilder and to win 1 of 5 JBuilder X Enterprise product boxes for your participation. This short survey should take no more than a few minutes to complete and is only live for one week. We thank you in advance for your participation.

2004/03/23 - Borland updates mobile solutions
Borland has updated Borland Enterprise Studio for Mobile, Borland C++BuilderX Mobile Edition, and Borland JBuilder X Mobile Edition in order to help mobile application developers speed their time to market with powerful timesaving features and simplified development of Web Services.
Enterprise Studio for Mobile and Mobile Studio each provide a single unified interface to reduce training and setup time for mobile developers moving between Java and C++ programming languages. This shared Java and C++ language framework also allows developers to not only customize the IDE to suit their needs, but also includes tightly coupled emulation and on-target debugging. In addition, Rapid Application Development (RAD) timesaving features such as form and menu designers help speed the development of mobile applications.

2004/03/19 - JBuilderX Update #3
Borland has just released JBuilderX Update #3. There are well over 100 fixes to various areas of the product, including EJB development, WebSphere, JBoss, WebLogic, Web, Build System, Web Services, Mobile, Refactoring, Debugger, Editor, Team Development, Runtime, Unit Testing, Together Studio, etc, etc.

2004/02/22 - JBuilderX Update 2
JBuilderX Update 2 is now available from the JBuilderX Registered Users Page, and contains JBuilder X plug-in for Borland Enterprise Server 6.0 and several bug fixes. You can view the readme at the Borland Developer Network (which also explains why I never mentioned an Update 1 before).

2004/02/18 - JBuilder and Mars Mission
DavidI's latest Sip from the FireHose contains a Borland press release detailing the use of JBuilder to help the Mars Exploration Rover mission.

2004/01/18 - Borland, JPC and JTC
There has been some news recently about Borland, the Java Community Process (JPC), and the Java Tools Consortium (JTC). An article on the Borland Developer Network contains the Borland public statement regarding Borland's membership in the Java Community Process (JPC), and Borland's decision not to join the recently anounced Java Tools Consortium (JTC).
See also The Register's report on the fact that both IBM and Borland are missing from the JTC.

2004/01/01 - JBuilder X Foundation
You can now download JBuilder X Foundation, as well as the trial edition of JBuilder X Enterprise (available for Windows, Linux or Solaris in both cases).

2003/12/19 - JSP Madness - Part One
In this article by Charlie Calvert you will learn how to use JBuilder 9 to create a simple JavaServer Page (JSP) application. JSP is a Java based technology that allows you to create web applications. JSP applications separate the presentation and business logic layers of your application. In other words, they employ a model-view-controller architecture where the model is implemented in Java and the view is implemented in a form of HTML supplimented by a few simple JSP specific tags.
This article is designed to show how to create simple JavaServer Pages. Subsequent articles will explore the subject in more depth.

2003/11/24 - Borland adds i-mode support to JBuilder
Borland announced the availability of JBuilder Mobile Development for i-mode. Included in JBuilder X and available as a download for existing JBuilder 9 customers, JBuilder Mobile Development for i-mode integrates JBuilder and the NTT DoCoMo Doja 1.5 Overseas Edition SDK emulator, providing a Java-based development platform for General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) based i-mode application developers worldwide.

2003/11/21 - JBuilder X Quick Tour - Part 2
The JBuilder X Quick Tour - Part 2 is now published on the Borland Developer Network website. This paper gives an overview of key features of JBuilder X for building and deploying Web, database, mobile, XML, and Web Services applications

2003/11/20 - JBuilder X Quick Tour - Part 1
The JBuilder X Quick Tour - Part 1 is now published on the Borland Developer Network website. This paper gives an overview of key features of JBuilder X including editing, debugging, refactoring, and optimizing code

2003/11/14 - What's New in JBuilder X
Just published in a long article on Borland Developer Network, the detailed information about the new capabilities of JBuilder X, which includes changes in the following areas: IDE usability improvements, Code productivity, Build system, Web services, Editor enhancements, Command-line macros, Team development, Web development, Mobile development, XML, UML, Help Viewer, J2EE/EJB development, Optimizeit integration, Premium Tools, and QualityCentral.

2003/11/12 - Borland JBuilder Mobile Development for i-mode
Borland and NTT DoCoMo have collaborated to accelerate the development of mobile applications for the NTT DoCoMo i-mode service. JBuilder Mobile Development for i-mode integrates JBuilder and the NTT DoCoMo Doja 1.5 Overseas Edition SDK emulator, providing an efficient Java-based development platform for i-mode application developers worldwide.

2003/11/1-5: Borland Conference 2003
The 14th annual Borland Conference (and Borland's 20th Anniversary) was held from Saturday (Nov 1st) until Wednesday (Nov 5th), in San Jose, CA (USA). I've done a pre-conference tutorial (on XML & SOAP), a session about dbExpress, and a Birds-of-a-Feather session on RemObjects SDK.
The latest JBuilder X news and updates were reported "live" from BorCon in San Jose and can be read in my special BorCon Report at

2003/10/22 - Borland launches JBuilder X
Borland announced the launch of Borland JBuilder X (the X meaning 10), introducing over 100 new and enhanced features targeted to increase the productivity of enterprise teams, corporate developers and code-centric Java developers. The product's new functionality focuses on usability and productivity; Web application, Web services and EJB development as well as J2EE deployment.
The JBuilder X IDE offers advanced Web application development support that includes a standards-based visual designer for the Apache Struts framework and first-time comprehensive support for the popular open source application server JBoss.
JBuilder X can be extended through the Java Swing-based OpenTools application programming interface (API). As a result, JBuilder X launches with over 80 third-party reusable components and plug-ins offering additional value-add to JBuilder customers. Companies shipping plug-ins with JBuilder X include Altova, Crystal Decisions, Oracle,, Sun and Sybase.

2003/10/12 - Interfaces and Loose Coupling in Java
In the first part of this two part article by Charlie Calvert you will learn how to use interfaces to define a contract between two classes that works at a high level of abstraction and promotes reuse.

2003/09/15 - C++BuilderX
Borland C++BuilderX is a multiplatform development environment on Windows, Linux or Solaris for building powerful C++ applications. Borland C++BuilderX will be available in three editions: Enterprise, Developer, and Personal.
The C++BuilderX IDE core is based on PrimeTime (also the core of the JBuilder IDE).

2003/09/04 - Optimizeit ServerTrace 2.0 DataCenter
Borland has launched their Optimizeit ServerTrace 2.0 DataCenter, a performance assurance solution designed to streamline the development and testing of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications in distributed and clustered environments. The launch was accompanied by broad industry backing from J2EE infrastructure and testing organizations such as BEA, JBoss, Oracle, Segue and Sun.

2003/09/01 - Borland Conference Europe
The 2003 European Borland Conference, has been rescheduled to November 10-12 in Amsterdam. I'm part of the Advisory Board, and we've selected good sessions from well-known and respected Speakers, for Borland Developers from all over Europe, enabling access to the latest information on .NET and Borland.

2003/08/22 - JBuilder 9 Update #2
The second JBuilder 9 Update is now available from the JBuilder 9 Registered Users section (meaning that only registered users of JBuilder 9 can login to download the update). See the Borland Developer Network for more information about JBuilder 9 Update 2.

2003/08/11 - Borland OptimizeIt Enterprise Suite
Borland announced the availability of Borland Optimizeit Enterprise Suite, engineered to speed development for J2EE by providing enterprise development teams with J2EE system profiling features. Optimizeit Enterprise Suite integrates with all leading Java integrated development environments (IDEs) and application servers. The product supports Windows, Solaris and Linux operating systems.

2003/07/17 - Wanna be a JBuilder Beta Tester?
The Borland Developer Network features an article with more information about becoming a JBuilder Beta Tester, what it means to be one, and how you can apply.
If you're serious about JBuilder, and you can spare the time, be a beta tester for the next version of JBuilder!

2003/06/25 - What's New in JBuilder 9
If you're wondering what's new in those versions of JBuilder that seem to pop-up every 6 months or so, then read this article on BDN by Tim Del Chiaro to find out what you're missing if you don't upgrade to JBuilder 9.

2003/06/19 - JBuilder 9 Enterprise Trial for download
You can now download the trial edition of JBuilder 9 Enterprise for Windows (at 158 MB). The documentation, samples and extra files for JBuilder 9 Enterprise trial are available as separate downloads.

2002/06/16 - Simple Programming Tip #2 by Charlie Calvert
This article by Charlie Calvert contains a discussion of benefits to be derived from using testing tools such as JUnit, DUnit, NUnit or CppUnit. The heart of the argument is that such tools encourage programmers to create highly modular, reusable classes that are easy to maintain.

2003/06/12 - Borland at JavaOne
At JavaOne, Borland issued a series of announcements that reaffirm both the company's continued commitment to excellence in Java solutions and its ongoing commitment to deliver technology that accelerates the development of high-performance applications for the Java platform.
Borland has introduced Borland Enterprise Studio 6 for Java, to helps drive collaboration and productivity for Enterprise Development Teams, and Industry Leaders announced support for Borland Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) strategy for Java.

2003/06/06 - JBuilder 9 Personal available for download
You can now download the free JBuilder 9 Personal for Windows (67.9 Mb), Solaris (79.6 Mb) and Linux (79.6 Mb). The documentation and sample files for JBuilder 9 Personal are available as a separate download.

2003/06/04 - Borland and Fujitsu sign global agreement
Borland (Japan) and Fujitsu announced a global channel license and a development and marketing agreement to jointly deliver a value-added solution designed to help companies develop and deploy Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications faster on Fujitsu's Interstage Application Server using industry-leading Borland development solutions for Java. Fujitsu will provide the value-added solution (available in both English and Japanese) through distributors to its worldwide customers.
The solutions include a plug-in, developed by Fujitsu, that integrates Borland JBuilder Enterprise Edition, including Borland Optimizeit Suite, with Fujitsu's Interstage Application Server. Fujitsu will distribute Borland JBuilder Enterprise Edition, including Borland Optimizeit.

2003/06/03 - Borland's Janeva weds J2EE, .NET
A good article at SD Times covers Borland's Janeva - software to connect .NET front ends to CORBA and J2EE-based applications. Janeva includes a Java-to-C# compiler and a CORBA IDL-to-C# compiler, which automatically generate C# stubs and assemblies. Janeva also includes a runtime component that translates .NET remote calls to IIOP and is embedded in the final application.

2003/06/01 - Preview of Java 1.5 at Slashdot
Slashdot reports: "An early access prototype implementation of the proposed new J2SE 1.5 language features is available. The prototype includes generics (JSR 14), typesafe enums, varargs, autoboxing, foreach loops, and static import (JSR 201). In other words, all the new language features planned for 1.5 except metadata (JSR 175). The prototype includes full sources for the compiler, written in the extended language.
You can download the prototype from It requires J2SE 1.4.1 and provides some examples of how to use the new language constructs. The prototype includes an experimental type system (variant type parameters) for Generic Java that is being considered for Tiger (1.5) based on a paper by Igarashi and Viroli at ECOOP 2002. Comments and votes for the new type system are being gathered at bugParade."

2003/05/17 - Mastering JBuilder
Endorsed by Borland, Mastering JBuilder by Mike Rozlog, Geoffrey Goetz, Sung Nguyen, is divided into two major disciplines: the development of Java source code and the management of Java source code. The book begins with how to install and configure JBuilder on any machine. Then the authors dive in and tackle such subjects as:

The companion Web site includes source code and useful links for updates.

2003/05/06 - Borland JBuilder 9 Announced
Borland announced a lot today. First of all, JBuilder 9 was announced: Borland targets this new JBuilder Release as the Java Developer's Portal for the Java Application Lifecycle. Also, Borland announced a new version of Borland Enterprise Server; a J2EE deployment solution for small- and medium-sized businesses. Thirdly, Borland announced something new called Janeva that closes the gap between .NET and J2EE (as well as CORBA).
And finally, Borland also announced C#Builder - see the C#Builder Visions section for more information about that.

2002/05/05 - Simple Programming Tip #1 by Charlie Calvert
This article by Charlie Calvert contains the explication of a simple programming tip that can be read in a few minutes: Avoid writing code that does anything substantial inside a visual container. Instead, create separate classes for your working code.

2002/04/21 - JBuilder 8 Update
The first JBuilder 8 Update is now available from the JBuilder 8 Registered Users section (meaning that only registered users of JBuilder 8 can login to download the update).

2003/03/28 - Java Modeling in Color with UML
We can now read chapter 1 from the book "Java Modeling in Color with UML" by Peter Coad, Eric Lefebvre, and Jeff De Luca" as on-line PDF chapter.

2003/03/26 - Borland Java Developer Survey
The Borland Java Business Unit invites all Java developers to take the Borland Java developer survey. The survey will help Borland to better understand our priorities and better serve our Java development needs going forward. The survey only contains four questions and should take less than 3 minutes to complete. Responses will remain completely anonymous.
As a small token of appreciation for taking the time to complete the survey, Borland will enter your e-mail address in a drawing for copies of Borland Java products - each valued up to $4000!

2003/03/20 - JBuilder best Java IDE
A study of METAspectum concludes that Borland's JBuilder IDE is still the best Java IDE, giving "excellent" scores for Vision/Strategy, Awareness/Reputation, Business Drivers, Investments, and Services.

2003/03/12 - Borland Java Newsletter
The new Borland Java Newsletter is now available from the Borland Developer Network website, and contains useful information, news and links for Borland JBuilder developers.

2003/02/22 - JBuilder 8: Workaround for Xerces 2.2 Bug
When working with projects using medium to large XML based EJB groups (with a large number of beans or a large schema) the system hangs for a significant amount of time before opening the Designer. Performance is also considerably degraded on actions like right-clicking on files, opening projects, etc. This is caused by a bug in Xerces 2.2, and a workaround is available on the Borland Developer Network.

2003/02/12 - Borland Together Edition for JBuilder
Borland today announced Borland Together Edition for JBuilder (that's a new one) and Borland Enterprise Studio 5 for Java, marking the first step toward integrating products from the company's acquisition of TogetherSoft.

2003/02/11 - Borland Enterprise Studio for Java 5
According to several sources (like ZDNet UK News and CNET News), Borland will announce Enterprise Studio for Java 5, featuring integrated modeling technologies acquired from TogetherSoft.

2003/02/10 - Product Snapshot: Optimizeit ServerTrace
JavaWorld has just published a Product Snapshot on Optimizeit ServerTrace. According to JavaWorld, Borland introduces new approach to J2EE performance testing.
"ServerTrace competes with Mercury Interactive's LoadRunner, ej-technologies' JProfiler, and Sitraka's PerformaSure. But ServerTrace's focus on Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and its ability to work with distributed applications sets it apart", says Thomas Murphy, senior program director at Meta Group, who also mentioned its platform neutrality as another advantage.

2003/01/29 - Event Handling in JBuilder - Part II & III
The Borland Developer Network has just published the second and third article by Charlie Calvert of a 3-part article on Event Handling in JBuilder.
In this chapter you learned several different ways that a class can receive events. The chapter started out with a simple explanation of using the inspector to pick up on the most common events, such as a click on a button. You learned that there are several different ways to handle these events, including the use of anonymous and standard adaptors.
The text then went on to explore event listener interfaces, which can be used to enable a class to receive various events that are not listed in the JBuilder inspector. This section of the text focused on learning about MouseListeners, MouseMotionListeners, MouseWheelListeners, and KeyListeners.
The text is an excerpt from Charlie's new book, Charlie Calvert's Learn JBuilder, from WordWare publishing, available with a discount from and

2003/01/27 - New TogetherSoft unit
According to a press release, Borland starts a new TogetherSoft unit, lead by Tony de la Lama. Borland also appoints George Paolini (former vice-president of marketing at Sun) to head the Java team - succeeding Tony de la Lama.

2003/01/23 - Borland JBuilder 8 White Papers
Sudhansu Pati has written a number of white papers about JBuilder 8 Enterprise that are published on the Borland Developer Network website:

2003/01/22 - Borland introduces Optimizeit ServerTrace
Borland introduced Borland Optimizeit ServerTrace, a new solution that introduces performance assurance throughout the testing process for applications using the J2EE platform. Borland Optimizeit ServerTrace enables enterprises to deploy J2EE systems while pinpointing, predicting and resolving performance hazards before they have an opportunity to impact business operations.

2003/01/21 - Borland ships new version of J2EE Application Server
Borland announced the availability of Borland Enterprise Server 5.2, the latest release of the company's high-performance deployment solution for business-critical applications. Reaffirming the Borland commitment to accelerate the application development lifecycle, Borland Enterprise Server 5.2 improves developer productivity and application performance, speeding time to market and increasing business efficiency across the enterprise.

2003/01/15 - Borland ponders strategy for 2003 and 2004
An interesting article by ComputerWire on The Register writes that Borland executives will spend the next three months evaluating the impact of recent acquisitions (TogetherSoft Corp, Starbase Corp and BoldSoft MDE AB) and plot strategic goals for the next two years. The acquisitions are designed to make Borland's Java and .NET development environments more appealing to developers.

2003/01/07 - JBuilder 8 review in eWeek
Another JBuilder 8 review entitled JBuilder Doesn't Revolutionize is published in eWeek. According to the review, the good news is that JBuilder 8 keeps pace with Java community's creation of powerful application frameworks, providing streamlined automated aids; emphasizes team productivity and conformance with community standards. On the down side, JBuilder 8 is Hardware-intensive, and somewhat cluttered with features that demo better than they perform under enterprise workload.

2003/01/06 - Event Handling in JBuilder - Part I
This article by Charlie Calvert is the first part of a four part article on Event Handling in JBuilder. In this chapter and the next you are going to learn the basic facts about handling events. The text will cover four major topics, the first two in this chapter, the last two in the next.
The text is an excerpt from Charlie's new book, Charlie Calvert's Learn JBuilder, from WordWare publishing, available with a discount from and

2002/12/31 - JBuilder 8 Personal Edition
Borland JBuilder 8 Personal edition is now available for download (at 47-59MB).

2002/12/18 - JBuilder: Java Tool/Add-in of the Year
Java continues to be one of the strongest platforms for developing applications. As such, there are a number of great products available specifically for Java. One product that rises to the top is Borland JBuilder, which has just received the award for Product of the Year 2002—Java Tool/Add-in.

2002/12/14 - Borland JDataStore Blazes in Benchmark
The Borland Developer Network mentions an article in eWeek which has highlighted the excellent cost/performance ratio of Borland's Enterprise Server and JDataStore database. The article describes Borland's results in an industry standard test called SPECjAppServer2001. This benchmark provides a level playing field for the comparison of Java application server performance.
The two important points that emerge from the article and the benchmark results:

2002/12/09 - Servertec Foundation Classes Version 1.2.0
Servertec Foundation Classes (SFC) is a collection of Java Classes and supporting native libraries that allows Java developers to have access to popular native functionality without having to code in C/C++ or know the inner workings of the native platform. Using Servertec Foundation Classes developers can easily create programs in Java without having to create C/C++ code to access the Windows' Registry, Shortcut Links, Drive Information, Network Resources, Environment Variables, Windows NT Event Log, Files, System Console, IO Ports, File System and Random Access Files with locking.
SFC can be used with any Java implementation that supports Java version 1.1.x or later and Java Native Interface (JNI).

2002/12/04 - JBuilder 8 Enterprise Trial Edition
Borland JBuilder 8 Enterprise trial edition is now available for download (at 133MB).

2002/11/22 - JBuilder 8 Companion Tools CD
The JBuilder 8 Companion Tools CD showcases products from our Borland Technology Partners that support JBuilder. The Companion Tools CD is included in the box with JBuilder 8 SE, Enterprise, Performance Bundle, Sybase Edition, and WebLogic Edition as well as Borland Enterprise Studio for Java.

2002/11/06 - Borland Announces JBuilder 8
Borland has just announced JBuilder 8 and Optimizeit Suite 5. Borland has more than 500,000 JBuilder customers and addresses a market estimated to reach $395 million by 2004 according to IDC.
An article on the Borland Developer Network shows that JBuilder 8 contains major improvements in developer productivity, project management, and the build system. Plus Web Services, the Struts framework and much more!

2002/11/05 - JBuilder 8
According to CNET Borland has been reworking JBuilder, and will announce JBuilder 8 (probably today). JBuilder 8 should include support for Jakarta Struts (an open-source Web development framework), better tools for testing Enterprise Java Beans applications, as well as support for new Web services standards and the Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.4 specification.

2002/11/04 - Unit Testing in JBuilder
Charlie Calvert has published part I, II and III of a three part article about a technology you can use in JBuilder called unit testing. Unit testing helps you create Boolean tests for many features of your code.

2002/10/31 - Borland to Acquire TogetherSoft
Borland announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately held TogetherSoft Corporation for $82.5 million in cash and 9,050,000 shares of Borland common stock.
TogetherSoft solutions simplify and integrate design and analysis with development of complex software applications. TogetherSoft's solutions operate with all major enterprise platforms and languages, including Java, C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET, and C#.

2002/10/21 - JBuilder 7.0 EJB Programming
JBuilder 7.0 EJB Programming Don't let the title at or fool you (which still say "EJB with JBuilder 6.0") - this book is about JBuilder 7 EJB Programming.
This book guides the reader through advanced Java techniques available in JBuilder 7. The book focuses on the development of JavaBeans and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and how to develop them more efficiently using JBuilder 7. Beginning with an introduction to EJBs, the author discusses persistence, remote calls, stateless and stateful session beans, and integrating Java and database programming. There is specific emphasis on advanced features, including exception handling, security, and the use of CORBA in distributed Java applications.
Each chapter contains key terms and review questions. The appendixes include resources, a glossary, and an HTML primer.

2002/10/17 -'s Hard Core Tech Talk
This week's "Hard Core Tech Talk" interview on features Borland's Jishnu Mitra, J2EE architect in the EBU. The interview (recorded during JavaOne this year) is promoted on the site's home page as well as in TheServerSide e-newsletter that goes to more than 120,000 high-end users of J2EE application servers twice a month.

2002/10/11 - JBuilder Client for Code Central
Ludovic Hochet has published a QualityCentral Client for JBuilder on Code Central. This opentool allows us to interact with the Borland QualityCentral web service from within JBuilder.

2002/09/19 - Migration Path for Former WebGain Customers
Borland has just introduced a migration roadmap that will help former WebGain customers make a seamless transition to JBuilder. The WebGain to Borland Migration Center includes a free JBuilder WebGain Import Wizard and technical support, and helps WebGain customers to migrate to JBuilder.

2002/09/13 - OptimizeIt Suite for AIX
OptimizeIt Suite for AIX has been released to manufacturing, and the trial version is now available for download on the OptimizeIt product page.

2002/09/10 - Book Review: JSP Examples and Best Practices
JSP (Java Server Pages) make it easy to build web pages with dynamic content for the J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) platform. But as always we can build pages the right way or the wrong way. The book JSP Examples and Best Practices is all about good architectural design of J2EE web applications using JSP.

2002/08/31 - Learn JBuilder (JBuilder Companion) Source
The source code for Charlie Calvert's upcoming book Learn JBuilder (JBuilder Companion) can be downloaded now. If anyone wants to earn mana in heaven, they can download a copy of the file and test it to see if they can get any of it to run on their copy of JBuilder 7. Most of the code works on the Personal edition.
If you have comments, or the bug reports that Charlie seeks, you can write (right) him at Even simple comments such as, "yes I can get it to run," or "no, it does not run," would help.

2002/08/27 - JDataStore 6 available
As announced two months ago, JDataStore 6 is now available as a high performance, platform-independent database solution written entirely in Java, for embedded, mobile and Web server applications.
Since its debut in 1998, JDataStore database has won a loyal following based on its speed, reliability, and scalability. Responding to customer demand, the release marks the debut of JDataStore 6 as a stand-alone product and is intended to make the product available to a wider audience of developers. The database will continue to be bundled with JBuilder, as well as the latest versions of Borland Enterprise Server, and Borland Enterprise Studio for Java.

2002/08/24 - JBuilder 7 Update 3
JBuilder 7 Update 3 - which includes all fixes from previous update packs - is now available from the JBuilder 7 Registered Users section (meaning that only registered users of JBuilder 7 can login to download the update).

2002/08/19 - JBuilder and BEA WebLogic Edition
BEA and Borland have announced plans for Borland JBuilder, BEA WebLogic Edition, offering new distribution and reselling relationships and integration of industry leading development products.

2002/07/29 - Dr.Bob's Euro42 JavaBean
Available on the JBuilder 7 Companion Tool CD and also on CodeCentral: my Euro42 JavaBean that can be used to put and get currency amounts in Euros as well as the 12 participating Euro currencies.

2002/07/19 - WebGain Out Of Business
According to a former employee, WebGain (who bought VisualCafe from Symantec) is out of business. There are about eight people left, and they are trying to sell their product WebGain VisualCafe.
Frank Slootman (Borland) confirmed that Borland is aggressively courting VisualCafe users, offering discounts if they switch to Borland's JBuilder IDE.

2002/07/12 - JBuilder 7 Enterprise trial
You can now download the JBuilder 7 Enterprise trial edition (about 91 MB). The JBuilder 7 Enterprise trial edition is only available for Windows. JBuilder 7 itself has been tested on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux, Macintosh OS X, and Solaris 8.

2002/07/11 - MobileSet 3 for JBuilder 7 available
MobileSet 3 for JBuilder 7 is now available, and includes brand new support for new devices.

2002/07/05 - JBuilder 7 Personal
You can now download a free copy of new JBuilder 7 Personal including a free development license for non-commercial use. JBuilder 7 Personal is currently available in English for the Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X platforms. German, French, Spanish, and Japanese editions are coming soon.

2002/06/28 - Borland Enterprise Studio 4 for Java
Borland announced the immediate availability of Borland Enterprise Studio 4 for Java, the latest version of its complete application development lifecycle solution that covers the modeling, development, performance tuning, and deployment of Java applications.
With JBuilder 7 as its foundation, and Borland OptimizeIt Suite for Java performance, new Borland Enterprise Studio 4 for Java combines in a single package the latest versions of market-leading products from Borland, Rational, and Macromedia to simplify the application life cycle, reduce total cost of ownership, and speed time to market.

2002/06/18 - eWeek on Borland's JBuilder 7
Peter Coffee of eWeek has looked at Borland's JBuilder 7 (and compared it a little bit with Oracle's JDeveloper as well as Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET). His conclusion is that JBuilder 7 has an edge over rival tool sets, and specifically "JBuilder 7's UML facilities are more granular than those in JDeveloper and developers are thus more likely to see them as a productivity aid, rather than a constraint on their approach to work; we also preferred Borland's abstract modeling orientation to the lower-level, source code text orientation of Microsoft's outlining tools."

2002/06/15 - Borland Web Services Kit for Java (3)
The Borland Web Services Kit for Java (release 3), in conjunction with JBuilder 7, provides features that assist you in creating and consuming web services. Find out more from this article on the Borland Community website, and/or download it free and try for yourself!
An earlier article using the first release of this Web Services Kit for Java in JBuilder 6 shows how to consume a Web Service previously written in Delphi 6 to demonstrate the interoperability between JBuilder 6 and Delphi (using SOAP).

2002/06/13 - What's New in JBuilder 7
What's New in JBuilder 7 - now available in a 12 page white paper (as PDF document) from the Borland Community website. Specific areas of change covered in this document are as follows:

According to the latest press release, Borland speeds development of Web Services and Wireless Applications with new Java Technologies.

2002/06/05 - JBuilder 7 is shipping
JBuilder 7 is now shipping in three editions: Enterprise, Standard (SE) and Personal. JBuilder 7 contains major improvements in developer productivity, as well as a cleaner, more intuitive user interface and dramatic performance enhancements.

2002/05/26 - BorCon 2002 JBuilder News
Summary: Borland announced JBuilder 7, Borland Enterprise Studio 4 for Java, and OptimizeIt Suite 4.2. JBuilder 7 is now available in three editions: Enterprise, Standard (SE) and Personal (PE) - there is no Professional edition anymore. JBuilder 7 Standard Edition supports J2SE, JBuilder 7 Enterprise Edition supports J2EE, and JBuilder MobileSet supports J2ME (I reckon this may become JBuilder 7 Micro Edition in the future).

2002/05/18-22: Borland Conference 2002
The 13th annual Borland Conference is held this week from Saturday (May 18th) until Wednesday (May 22nd), in Anaheim, CA (USA). I'm doing four sessions myself, with potentially an additional two bird-of-a-feather sessions, so stay tuned.
The latest news and updates will be reported "live" from BorCon in Anaheim and can be read in my special BorCon Report.

2002/05/01 - Borland joins OSS through Java Initiative
Borland has announced that it has joined the OSS (Operations Support Systems) through Java Initiative. Borland will help to Define, Develop, and Implement Java APIs for the Telecommunications Industry.
As a spin-off, Borland also announced that it's selected by Telcordia Technologies for OSS Solutions.

2002/04/19 - Book Review: Learn Java with JBuilder 6
I've just received my copy of Learn Java with JBuilder 6 by John Zukowski (published by Apress, 625 pages) the first book covering JBuilder 6. The CD-ROM includes a 30-day trial edition of JBuilder 6 Enterprise as well as the JBuilder 6 Personal Edition, a number of third-party JBuilder utilities and complete source code and examples from the book.
John Zukowski has written a number of other Java books, including Borland's JBuilder: No Experience Required which was one of the first JBuilder books at the time (and quite good as well).

2002/03/29 - Java Pro Readers' Choice Awards for JBuilder
Java Pro announced its Reader's Choice Awards at JavaOne. Borland JBuilder really won a lot (see also the press release and the article on the Borland Community website):

Also, the Award for the best Java book goes to Java in a Nutshell (third edition), published by O'Reilly. Note that the even newer 4th edition of this book is now also available from and

2002/03/04 - Using Web Services with JBuilder 6
Just published in the UK-BUG Borland User Group Developer's Magazine, my latest Dr.Bob Examines article investigates the tools and techniques to use (consume) Web Services with JBuilder 6 Enterprise and the Borland Web Services Kit for Java. In this paper we'll consume a Web Service previously written in Delphi 6 (and also available in Kylix 2) to demonstrate the interoperability between JBuilder 6 and Delphi/Kylix (using SOAP).

2002/01/24 - MobileSet 2 for JBuilder 6
A new improved version of MobileSet is now available for download. For more information, read the What's New in JBuilder MobileSet 2.0 article on the Borland Community website.

2002/01/23 - Borland Acquires VMGEAR
Borland has acquired VMGEAR, the developer of OptimizeIt Suite, which consists of performance assurance and testing solutions for Java developers.

Also available: older JBuilder News (2001 and earlier).

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