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 Dr.Bob Examines... #43
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Borland C#Builder for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
In this article, I'll cover Borland C#Builder, the C# development environment from Borland to build native .NET Framework 1.1 applications. I'll tell you where to find more information (like some articles I wrote earlier), and refer you to helpful resources like user groups, websites, training, and more.

C#Builder Personal
In case you don't have a copy of C#Builder, yet, you can now download C#Builder Personal, for non-commercial application development (269 MBytes). The size of the download is big, because it also contains the prereqs like MDAC, IE6 SP1, .NET 1.1, .NET SDK 1.1, J#, etc. (so don't bother to download those as well if you need them - they are included). Note that the downloadable personal edition is for non-commercial development only. It appears that the purchased personal edition (from does allow commercial development.

Easter Egg
If you want to play with C#Builder, make sure to view the TEAM (and click on Team) in the Help - About Box. You will get nice pictures for the C#Builder Team, the C#Builder MDA Team, the people at DevRel, and a last one for Corbin (on his frog).

DotNet Developers Group (DDG)
The DotNet Developer Group exists to help professional developers using .NET technologies get to grips with the many facets of the .NET framework.
Managed by the same professional organisation behind the UK Borland User Group (UK-BUG), the DDG provides software developers with essential information and training through regular meetings and a magazine issued 6 times a year.

C#Builder and IBM's DB2
The first C#Builder articles that I wrote were for the special web portal to support the cooperation between IBM's DB2 and Borland's RAD development environments (as announced last year) such as Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix. When C#Builder was (almost) ready, this meant I could cover the new Borland Data Providers for ADO.NET, as a new way to connect to IBM's DB2 Universal Database (although it works the same if you use InterBase, Oracle, SQL Server / MSDE):

C#Builder on Borland Developer Network
There's a C#(Builder) specific area on the Borland Developer Network now, featuring some of John Kaster's BDN TV flash movies. I've also written an article about one the examples that ships with C#Builder (made by me), namely the TicTacToe client:

C#Builder demos on CodeCentral
The C#Builder demos have been made public on CodeCentral, and you can now download seven of my C#Builder projects (a number of which also ship with C#Builder itself).

C#Builder Kick Start First C#Builder Book
This item has not yet been released (and won't be until October), but C#Builder Kick Start, written by Joe Mayo (published by SAMS) is the first and only C#Builder book I've seen on Amazon.
Joe also maintains a great C# resource called C# Station. and he wrote the book C# Unleashed

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