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Dr.Bob's ASP.NET Forum is devoted to ASP.NET and Web Forms, but also "legacy" ActiveX and ActiveForms.
2011/10/31 - Delphi 2006 ASP.NET ECO Weblog
Delphi ASP.NET Web Forms Courseware
  1. Delphi 2007 XML & SOAP manual 
  2. Delphi 2007 ASP.NET 2.0 manual 
  3. Delphi 2006 Advanced ASP.NET 1.1 
Delphi 2006 ASP.NET ECO Weblog is not a brand new book, in fact, it's using Borland Developer Studio 2006, but it is now available in a new eBook format from Barnes & Noble.

2008/03/31 - ASP.NET 2.0 Master-Content Pages and Navigation
In my latest Dr.Bob Examines article, I'll explain what ASP.NET master-content pages (and navigation) are all about, and what the CSS Layouts in the Object Repository will look like if you plan to use them.

2007/10/26 - ASP.NET Error Handling
In my latest Dr.Bob Examines article, I'll explain and demonstrate the foundations of ASP.NET error handling, applicable to both ASP.NET 1.1 and ASP.NET 2.0 web applications.

2007/09/29 - Debugging ASP.NET on Windows Vista and IIS7
In my latest Dr.Bob Examines article, I will discuss a problem introduced by Windows Vista and IIS7 related to the act of debugging ASP.NET applications using Delphi for .NET (i.e. Delphi 8 for .NET, Delphi 2005, Delphi 2006 or Turbo Delphi 2006 for .NET) as well as the way things work using CodeGear RAD Studio 2007.

Delphi 2006 Advanced ASP.NET Web Development on
The Delphi 2006 ASP.NET 1.1 Advanced Web Development courseware manual is no introduction to ASP.NET, but shows how to build and deploy a small but real-world ASP.NET application with Delphi 2006.
The ASP.NET e-commerce application contains a welcome page, a page for customer registration, and a login page (for authentication and authorization). The shop pages will show the shop items in a searchable and sortable DataGrid, plus a detail page where the item details are shown, and finally a shopping cart (which is also persistent after the session has been closed) with e-mail capabilities for completing the order. A bonus chapter shows how to extend the ASP.NET web application with AJAX techniques, and describes the use of custom HTTP handlers and modules. The manual consists of 130+ pages, including exercises and answers in the back.

2007/08/17 - First Look at Delphi Highlander
At the Delphi Hour from Thursday, August 16th, 2007, Nick Hodges gave us a first look at Delphi Highlander (aka Delphi for .NET 2.0/3.0). Nick showed ASP.NET 2.0 Master and Content pages as well as the new BlackFish database technology. You can watch the replay or download it

2006 December - The Delphi Magazine #136
My Under Construction column in the December issue of The Delphi Magazine is about Data Entry Validation With AJAX. In this article, I discuss how to use AJAX in combination with Delphi web applications for data entry input validation using XML.
NOTE: The complete source files from my previous Under Construction columns are now available from my UCCode Web Service, complete with Win32 client source code.

2006 August - The Delphi Magazine #132
My Under Construction column in the August issue of The Delphi Magazine is about Deploying ASP.NET Applications. In this article, I demonstrate how to deploy your ASP.NET applications and untangles the various gotchas you may encounter along the way.

2006 July - The Delphi Magazine #130
My Under Construction column in the June issue of The Delphi Magazine is about ASP.NET Template Columns. I this article, I discusse template extensions to the ASP.NET DataGrid control, with the focus mainly on the EditItem template examples that can enhance the way you edit data in the DataGrid.
For this issue of TDM I've also written an article about How To Use BdpDataAdapter, where I show how to write a simple database application using the BdpDataAdapter.

2006 January - The Delphi Magazine #125
My Under Construction column in the January issue of The Delphi Magazine is about ASP.NET HTTP Handlers And Modules. In this article, I explain the power and practicality of these often-ignored aspects of ASP.NET.

2005/11/08 - ASP.NET Web Forms
I'm doing two Borland 2005 DevCon sessions on ASP.NET Web Forms Development on Tuesday November 8, 2005. At 13:30-14:45 in Continental Ballroom 4, I'll start with a general session in which I cover ASP.NET Web development with Delphi for the Microsoft .NET Framework showing how to design ASP.NET Web Forms, session and state management, authorization and authentication (login), and deployment.
Later that day at 16:45-18:00 in Continental Ballroom 6, I'll follow-up with a more advanced session, covering ASP.NET Web Forms and (multi-tier) databases.

2005/10/26 - Blogging with Delphi - Part 4
Continuing our exploration of Delphi 2005 and ECO II to implement a web log application. This time I'm dealing with the real-world deployment of the ASP.NET application.

2005/08/20 - Blogging with Delphi - Part 3
In the third part of my series on Blogging with Delphi 2005 and ECO II, I'll cover ASP.NET authentication and adding weblog comments (among others).

2005/08/18 - Delphi 2005 ECO II ASP.NET Weblog
My ECO-driven weblog (ASP.NET) web application, as described in my article series for Bitwise Magazine, is finally deployed and made available online on my test server at Feel free to read it and leave a comment if you wish.

2005/08/06 - Delphi 2005 Tutorials
My six Delphi 2005 tutorials have been published on BDN. The tutorial entitled Borland Delphi 2005 and ASP.NET Enhancements demonstrates the ASP.NET enhancements in Borland Delphi 2005, including the new deployment capabilities and Web designer, and enhancements to the DB Web controls and debugger support.
The tutorial entitled ECO II and ASP.NET Web Applications demonstrates the new capabilities of Enterprise Core Objects (ECO) II to be used in ASP.NET Web applications with Borland® Delphi® 2005.

2005/07/23 - BDNtv: ASP.NET forms validation and encryption
Watch this episode - presented by Holger Flick - to build forms that validate user input before sending it to the server. You will get a detailed look at the important validation classes of ASP.NET. Furthermore, a login page (from the episode about ASP.NET Forms Authentication) is being extended to use validation.
In the second part of the episode you learn about hashes, how to create them and how to include them in the web.config-file in order to create user accounts.

2005/07/02 - BDNtv: ASP.NET forms authentication
Watch this episode - presented by Holger Flick - to learn about the functionality of ASP.NET Forms Authentication and how to create ASP.NET applications with Delphi 2005 that use Forms Authentication. First, you will learn about the basic functionality of Forms Authentication. You will see how to design a simple login page and how to implement events to support Forms Authentication. Furthermore, different methods of how to store the user credentials are presented. At the end of this episode, emphasis is being put on storing the user credentials in the web.config file of your project.

2005/06/20 - Blogging with Delphi
Bitwise Magazine is a free on-line computing magazine with features on Delphi, C#, and more. For the first issue (launched on June 1st), I've written an article about Blogging with Delphi 2005 and ECO II.
"Borland Delphi 2005 Architect contains a featureset called Enterprise Core Objects 2, which allows us developers to create applications based on a model (with objects, inheritance and associations), which can be made persistent in a DBMS, and used to create GUI as well as web applications. In this two-part article, I’ll use Delphi 2005 and Enterprise Core Objects to define and implement an application handling web logs - also called blogs."
In the second part, I'll build multiple ASP.NET web pages on top of the objects in the EcoSpace, showing the list of categories, weblog posts in categories, and allowing visitors to read the posts (leaving comments will be covered next time).

2005/06/13 - ASP.NET BDP Deployment
In my latest Dr.Bob Examines article, I explain and demonstrate the steps needed for the successful deployment of a Delphi 2005 application using the Borland Data Provider (BDP) to work with databases.

2005 May - The Delphi Magazine #117
My Under Construction column in the May issue of The Delphi Magazine is about Building SharePoint 2003 Web Parts. In this article, I explain what Windows SharePoint Services 2003 is all about and shows how Delphi 2005 can be used to implement Web Parts that can be added to SharePoint workspaces, allowing us to customise the SharePoint tools and technologies with Delphi code and components. I'll cover both simple and more complex Web Parts, using properties, events, child controls and even a provider-consumer model, as well as deployment and security details.

2005/04/17 - BorCon 2004 ASP.NET Paper
My BorCon 2004 papers are published on the Borland Developer Network site, including my ASP.NET paper about ASP.NET Web Forms and Databases, which was based on my Dr.Bob Examines April 2004 column on Delphi 8 for .NET and ASP.NET Web Forms.

2005 April - The Delphi Magazine #116
My Under Construction column in the April issue of The Delphi Magazine is about ASP.NET Techniques. In this article, I describe some real-world ASP.NET techniques with Delphi 2005: using DataSync and DataHub, some enhancements in the DB Web controls, how to use the deployment manager, and lessons from migrating an IntraWeb 5.x application to ASP.NET.

2005/01/31 - Dr.Bob Examines... SetFocus in ASP.NET
In my latest Dr.Bob Examines paper, I will demonstrate how to generate and include the right JavaScript code in order to set the focus to a specific control in an ASP.NET web page built with Delphi 2005. We'll then use Refactoring to turn it into an even more generic ASP.NET solution.

2004/10/11 - ASP.NET Security Flaw
A security flaw in Microsoft's ASP.NET allows access to password-protected areas by using canonicalization to alter a URL (substituting \ or %5C for / characters in the URL, in an attempt to bypass password login screens).
A possible solution (actually a workaround) consists of editing global.asax, and including the following C# script:

  <script language="C#" runat="server">
    void Application_BeginRequest(object source, EventArgs e)
      if (Request.Path.IndexOf('\\') >= 0 ||
          System.IO.Path.GetFullPath(Request.PhysicalPath) != Request.PhysicalPath)
        throw new HttpException(404, "Not found.");
This will verify that the PhysicalPath is not compromised (and secure pages are still secure).

2004 August - Delphi Informant no longer published
After Hardcore Delphi (previously known as Delphi Developer) stopped being published earlier this year, it looks like it's Delphi Informant's turn to bite the dust. The Informant website confirms this, and mentions that subscriptions will be transferred to asp.netPRO, their last remaining magazine.
While I always preferred the more technical in-depth The Delphi Magazine (published in the UK) over the other Delphi publications, I'm sorry to see any Delphi related publication go. As far as I know, that leaves only one pure Delphi magazine now, indeed: The Delphi Magazine.
If you've been subscribing to Hardcore Delphi or Delphi Informant (or any of the even older Delphi publications that are no longer around, such as Delphi Developer's Journal), then it might be a good idea to show your support for Delphi and subscribe to The Delphi Magazine.

2004/06/17 - Delphi 8 ASP.NET Informal Update
Jim Tierney of Delphi R&D has posted an informal update which addresses the problem of the IDE deleting code from .aspx files. The update is available on CodeCentral.

2004 May - The Delphi Magazine #105
My Under Construction column in the May issue of The Delphi Magazine is about ASP.NET User And Custom Controls. In this article, I explain the two ways to implement custom ASP.NET controls: adding them to an existing ASP.NET web forms application (in which case they are called ASP.NET user controls), or creating a complete new package for them (which is called a Web Control Library) and thereby ending up with an ASP.NET custom control.
In another article about ASP.NET Security, I show how authorisation and authentication work in the .NET Framework, and put the theory to good use to demonstrate how to limit access to areas of your website with some straightforward ASP.NET code, making use of ASP.NET forms authentication.

2004/04/13 - Dr.Bob Examines ASP.NET with Delphi 8 for .NET
In the April 2004 Dr.Bob Examines column we'll build ASP.NET Web Forms applications using Delphi 8 for .NET and the DB Web controls from Borland.

2004/02/13 - Delphi 8 for .NET and ASP.NET Input Validators
ASP.NET contains six built-in input validator controls: RequiredFieldValidator, CompareValidator, RangeValidator, RegularExpressionValidator, CustomValidator, and ValidationSummary, all found in the regular "Web Controls" category of the Tool Palette.
A new Delphi 8 for .NET article from me has just been published on the IBM DB2-Borland web portal, this time about the Data Entry Input Validation controls (and the DB Web controls). See also the complete list of articles.

2004/01/29 - Delphi 8 for .NET and DB2 with ASP.NET
This article shows how to use Borland Delphi 8 for the Microsoft .NET Framework to build ASP.NET Web applications that connect to IBM DB2 Universal Database tables; display the data in a special ASP.NET DataGrid control; and edit, apply, or undo changes in these database tables.

2003/11/11 - Delphi for .NET Launch
On Tuesday evening, 11th November 2003, Delphi 8 for the Micrsoft .NET Framework was launched in The Netherlands at the European Borland Conference in Amsterdam. I had the priviledge to be allowed to demonstrate the ASP.NET functionality during this launch event, by building and consuming an ASP.NET Web Service, and showing how to make ASP.NET Web Forms with the Borland Data Providers and some very cool DB Web components.
People in The Netherlands (or Belgium) who missed it or want to see more about Delphi for .NET and ASP.NET can consider attending one of my upcoming Delphi for .NET training classes.

2003/10/24 - C#Builder ASP.NET Web Forms
This technical article - about Working with Data in DB2 UDB Tables Using C#Builder and ASP.NET builds on an earlier article that showed how to build an application using IBM DB2 UDB tables, C#Builder, and BDP for .NET, and then deploy it as an ASP.NET Web form (with a powerful asp:DataGrid control).
In the new article, I take the example a bit further, to allow users not only to view the data and browse through the tables, but also to update the data or delete records from the asp:DataGrid.

2003/07/18 - C#Builder ASP.NET Web Forms with BDP
My latest article on the IBM DB2-Borland web portal is about ASP.NET Web Forms with DB2 UDB Tables using C#Builder and BDP for .NET. This article shows you how to build an application using IBM DB2 UDB tables, C#Builder, and BDP for .NET, and then deploy it as an ASP.NET Web form (with a powerful asp:DataGrid control), so users can work with the DB2 UDB tables using a Web browser.

2003/06/25 - C#Builder ASP.NET Web Form demo
The C#Builder demos have been made public on CodeCentral, and you can now download seven of my C#Builder projects. One of the demos is my Celsius to Fahrenheit ASP.NET Web Form. This demo project Celsius.bdsproj shows how a "Celsius" ASP.NET WebForm is built with C#Builder.
An article to cover the steps (and more details about C#Builder) will be published on the Borland Developer Network soon, so stay tuned!

2003/06/01 - ComponentOne Studio Enterprise with C#Builder
Borland will be bundling C#Builder with a special edition of ComponentOne's Studio Enterprise, which includes both development and deployment licenses for .NET WinForms and ASP.NET WebForms user-interface components.
Studio Enterprise is a US$ 899 subscription-based offering that is updated quarterly; the Q1 2003 version will be included with C#Builder. C#Builder customers will also get Q2 2003 for free, and will be given a copy of ComponentOne's Doc-to-Help 6.5 help authoring system.
After that, Borland customers will be offered the opportunity to subscribe to receive future versions of the Studio Enterprise component suite.

2003/05/01 - The .NET Show #32: IIS 6.0 & ASP.NET
Windows Server 2003 has shipped and includes several new and improved features and capabilities. One of the improvements is the new IIS version 6.0.
In this episode we will be talking with Eric Deily and Rob Howard to discuss some of the new features of IIS 6.0, how they will improve the scalability and robustness of the system, as well as how they can be used by ASP.NET applications.

2003 May - The Delphi Magazine #93
My Under Construction column in the May issue of The Delphi Magazine is about DCon Planning With Delphi And ASP.NET, where I continue to work on my schedule-choosing web application for DCon 2003, but this time I'm using Delphi as an ASP.NET scripting language, courtesy of the Delphi for .NET preview compiler (and a lot of head scratching to work round the problems which came to light).

2003/03/03 - Book Review: ASP.NET Namespace Reference
The book ASP.NET 1.0 with C# Namespace Reference is written by 10 different authors, and contains a complete reference to the different ASP.NET namespaces - very useful! Read my review for more details.

2003/02/20 -
An interesting website covers all aspects of using Delphi for .NET as a scripting language for ASP.NET, including tutorials and articles on ASP.NET development as well as developing Web Services using ASP.NET with the Delphi for .NET preview command-line compiler.

2003/02/12 - Microsoft Gives Peek at Visual Studio .Net's Future
An article on eWeek writes about the opening keynote at the VSLive! 2003 show by Eric Rudder, Microsoft's senior vice president of developer and platform evangelism. Rudder announced new features in the upcoming Visual Studio .Net 2003, which will be announced next month, as well as hinted at new things coming in the next major version of the product, known by the code-name Whidbey.
Rudder also announced new public betas of two technologies: the ASP.Net Starter Kits and a set of tools known as Visual Studio Tools for Office. The five ASP.Net Starter Kits cover e-commerce, portals, data reporting, community and time tracking, and include sample applications for users to get started in building solutions for using ASP.Net.

2003/02/04 - Borland SideWinder: a C# IDE for .NET
According to InfoWorld and CNet, Borland is getting ready to go up against Microsoft's Visual Studio .Net with an IDE (integrated development environment) for the Microsoft .Net Framework.
The IDE with codename Sidewinder does not yet have a formal product name and will not ship until this summer. Sidewinder is a C#-based development environment for building applications on the .Net Framework, including ASP.Net, ADO.Net, and WinForms, according to Borland.

2003/02/03 - Dr.Bob Examines ASP.NET
I've written a number of articles about the Delphi for .NET Preview command-line compiler. While it's currently still a preview version, you'll be surprised at how functional it is already! In this article, I show you how to use Delphi as the language for your ASP.NET Web applications.

2003/01/27 - The .NET Show #30: ASP.NET Web Matrix
ASP.NET represents the latest technology to enable server-side scripting of not only Web sites, but Web services as well. As with any new technology, it is critical that developers are provided with the tools and resources that help them to get a leg up on how to properly use and integrate these technologies into the solutions that they are developing. The ASP.NET team has done some groundbreaking work at building an exciting tool to aid ASP.NET developers. This tool is "ASP.NET Web Matrix" and while it is both free to download, and just barely over a megabyte in size, it also is an amazingly full featured tool that truly makes ASP.NET development easy and fun.
In the latest episode we will be talking with Scott Guthrie and Nikhil Kothari from the ASP.NET team. They'll show us how ASP.NET can enable Web sites with greater functionality, and then walk us through a couple of demonstrations of how easy it is to install and utilize Web Matrix.

2002/01/13 - Book Review: Programming .NET Web Services
This book review was published by O'Reilly in September 2002, and the review is published in the January/February issue of UK-BUG Developer's Magazine. The book shows how to create web services in the .NET Framework with ASP.NET, and does a good job at that - see the detailed review for details.

2002/12/09 - Delphi for .NET Web Service
My first Delphi for .NET (preview command-line compiler) "Euro Conversion" web service is up and running using ASP.NET. You can see the simple source code, and import the WSDL with Delphi, C++Builder, JBuilder, C# or any other SOAP-enabled development environment.

2002/12/08 - Delphi for .NET Web Forms
My first Delphi for .NET (preview command-line compiler) "Temperature Conversion" web form is up and running using ASP.NET. You can see the simple source code and try it for yourself in the ASP.NET web form. A more detailed article will be printed in an upcoming issue of Hardcore Delphi (previously known as Delphi Developer).

2002/08/02 - OnCompile Helpers
Have you ever written and debugged COM+ Applications? If so, you must have experiences the "problem" that you have to shut down the COM+ Application (using the Component Services) from time to time, especially when rebuilding the DLL or just before debugging. Because this can be a pain, I was glad to find a copy of OnCompile Helpers (the extended version of the COM+ Helpers) from
OnCompile Helpers is a Delphi IDE AddIn wizard that shows up in the Project menu, and allows you - among others - to shut down your COM+ applications from the Delphi IDE. It also contains a Manage COM+ Applications dialog that lists all COM+ applications that are installed on our system. We can select which of these should be shut down automatically when we rebuild our project. As an additional feature, it also contains a button "Set as Debug Host" which will copy the appropriate parameters in the Run Parameters dialog. Only minor things perhaps, but handy if you frequently work with COM+ projects!
OnCompile Helpers runs on Windows 2000 or XP and is available for Delphi 5, 6 and 7. You can also download a fully functional trial edition from (with a splash screen and delay at startup, but otherwise fully functional).

2001/12/17 - Active Server Objects
Bob Swart has written the Active Server Objects chapter for the bestselling Delphi 6 Developer's Guide (now available for order from and Micha Somers has offered helpful assistance, especially in the section on debugging Active Server Objects (in the Delphi 6 IDE) using MTS and COM+

2001/09/27 - The .NET Show #17: ADO.NET
Databases have always been important to high-end programs, and therefore they have also been important to programmers. As a wide variety of databases came into use, it became important for a unified programming model to be available so that programmers wouldn't have to learn new interfaces and new access methodologies for each new project they started. ADO has become Microsoft's strategic, high-level interface to all kinds of data. ADO provides consistent, high-performance access to data, whether you're creating a front-end database client or middle-tier business object using an application, tool, language, or even an Internet browser. With the advent of Microsoft's .NET Framework, ADO has become ADO.NET and is a full participant in this exciting new technology.
In this episode of The .NET Show we will be talking with Michael Pizzo and Sean Draine about ADO.NET and how it has evolved to become the primary database programming model for .NET. We will then spend some time with David Hawke from Solutions IQ, who will share with us his experiences in learning about and using ADO.NET in the various projects that he's been working on. He will also give us a quick introduction to the programming model of ADO.NET and help you get a jump start on your own projects.

2001/05/09 - Delphi 6 ADOExpress now called dbGo
The Delphi 6 chat on May 8th, 2001, revealed that ADOExpress in Delphi 6 will now be called dbGo (it seems that Microsoft won't allow any product/tool with the name ADO in it).
And the best news is: dbGo will be included in Delphi 6 Professional.

2001/04/19 - Dr.Bob Examines ADO and ClientDataSets
In this Dr.Bob Examines column, I'll show how to convert ADO XML or ADTG (Advanced Data TableGram) file formats to the ClientDataSet binary or XML formats. Source code examples are given using C++Builder 5 Enterprise and Delphi 5 Enterprise.

2001/02/15 - Talking to ActiveForms
A recent Dr.Bob Examines column covered ActiveForms again, this time showing how to communicate with ActiveForms from "hosting" environments like Delphi, C++Builder or this time specifically Internet Explorer.

2000/08/19 - Advanced Delphi Developer's Guide to ADO
Based on the title of this Delphi and ADO book: Advanced Delphi Developer's Guide to ADO (from Alex Fedorox and Natalia Elmanova), I expected "only" coverage of ADOExpress in Delphi. However, that's only a part of this book. The book consists of 23 chapters, starting with the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC), OLE DB Providers, ADO and its role in the Delphi Database Architecture. ADOExpress components like TADOCOnnection, TADOCommand, TADODataSet etc. are covered in a lot of detail - as expected. However, apart from these "basics", the book also contains chapters that explain how to actually build ADO Applications, and how to do Business Graphics and Reporting with ADO. Even after those chapter, we're only still halfway the book.
Further topics include OLAP and ADO, ADOX in Delphi, JRO Objects, and a very helpful chapter on deploying ADO applications. Chapter 19 and later introduce Distributed Computing; Windows DNA (Distributed interNet Applications), including RDS and MTS with ADO. There's even a chapter on MIDAS ADO Applications. There are also a number of appendices; and the most interesting one covers BDE to ADO migration issues!

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