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 Dr.Bob's Convert3 - Delphi 4-to-3.x Form Conversion
See Also: Dr.Bob's Convert 2 to convert Delphi 3.x Forms to Delphi 2.x

For those of you who made some stuff in Delphi 4 already, but need to compile it in C++Builder 3 or Delphi 3 as well: note that there are several new VCL components in Delphi 4. And that's not all: there are also new properties added to existing components, such as Anchors and Constraints. And the "OldCreateOrder" property should be set to "true" for version 3, and "false" for version 4 (but an "upgrade" switch never made it to the final Convert3 application).

I've written a little command-line utility CONVERT3.ZIP (116,781 bytes) to strip those Delphi 4 properties from all your forms, so you can recompile them using C++Builder 3 or Delphi 3 again (note: you need CONVERT2 if you want to downgrade Delphi 3 Forms). The utility now works directly with ".DFM" files (and accepts wildcards such as "*.DFM"), so no need to run Borland's CONVERT anymore. It leaves a ".TXT" and ".BAK" file behind. The ".BAK" is the ".TXT" but with the Delphi 4 properties included (which are also removed from the original ".DFM" file).
Of course, you should always make a backup of your original program before running Convert3.EXE. This utility works for me, it's free to use by anyone, but I will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of data.

Usage: Convert3.exe delphi4.dfm
where delphi4.dfm is a Delphi 4 Form (may contain wildcards)

For an overview of the 164 new components: Convert3.exe /?
For new properties for a specific component: Convert3.exe /? classname

There are 186 new VCL components in Delphi 4, and 1388 new properties in total. The new VCL components are as follows (output from Convert3.exe):

There are 139 modified VCL (base-)components in Delphi 4: Note that a lot of these new components were actually introduced because of the new TActionList.

Convert3 is freeware, provided as-is, but use at your own risk (I cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong while using this tool), but I'm open to feedback, suggestions and other comments by e-mail to
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