Delphi 2.x Books - 21/30

TitleThe Revolutionary Guide to Delphi 2
AuthorBrian Long, Bob Swart, Ewan McNab, Dave Jewell, Arjan Jansen etc
PublisherWROX Press
Comments This is one of the first Delphi 2 books to come out, with an impressive list of authors. The quality of the authors means that there is bound to be a lot of excellent material here. The book attempts to cover both Delphi 1 and Delphi 2, which is a mistake in my view... If you are an experienced developer, but a new Delphi user, who has just bought Delphi 2, you may find that this book is not the best place to begin. The multi-author nature of it means that it doesn't always flow so well. Some chapters are pitched at an entry level and others much more advanced. However, once you get going with Delphi you will find lots of useful information, some of it quite difficult to find elsewhere.

-- Chris Frizelle

Windows Developer's Journal writes:

"The book is uneven. Too many topics are given too few pages: writing database applications, the BDE, ReportSmith, and SQL and InterBase. However, several parts are quite good: the chapters and sections on debugging, Delphi Experts, interfacing with other applications, optimizing applications, and components. Chapters 2 and 3 constitute a useful 90-page language reference and the chapter on the Windows API is especially useful to new Windows programmers. The quality of the writing is at best average. The CD contains the entire, searchable text of the book. Although somewhat repititous and unorganized, this is a useful, general, non-introductory book on Delphi."

Errata for this book, by Brian Long and Bob Swart

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