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 Data Abstract (summary overview)
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RemObjects Software Inc, the makers of RemObjects SDK (among others), have just announced a new data access framework called Data Abstract.

Data Abstract is not "yet another data access framework", but offers the ability to work with databases regardless of the DBMS itself, as well as regardless of the data access driver that connects to this DBMS.
In fact, Data Abstract is not a database driver itself, but a logical layer on top of existing database drivers (like dbExpress, ADO, IBObjects, CoreLab, etc.) that encapsulates the data-access layer and abstracts both the underlying database and data access framework used.

The Data Abstract Schema's (and Schema Modeler) offer a design-time interface to support you by organising the datasets (selects) and commands (update, insert, delete) that belong together (for example to a business object or entity). This can be a significant benefit over the use of "plain" data modules, and yet does not enforce the use of a UML designer or layer on top of your application (which may be overkill).
Data Abstract schemas allow you to expose data to client-applications in a consistent way, again independent of the database or data access driver used.

Apart from that, in combination with RemObjects SDK, Data Abstract also offers the ability to produce multi-tier database applications (even with Delphi 7 Professional, and without the need for DataSnap), using the RemObjects optimised binary message format and several different transport protocols.

Data Abstract is included with Enterprise SDK and can be purchased from RemObjects Software, Inc. There are no runtime fees that you have to pay.

(Bob Swart)

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