Bob Swart - Medical Officer Dr.Bob's BorCon99 Sessions
Last updated: 1999/07/24

1999/07/17-21: - BorCon99
Don't miss the 10th Annual Inprise/Borland Conference in Philadelphia (see the "live" report). We've previewed the Sun Solaris and Linux versions of JBuilder 3, experienced first-hand how to use C++Builder 4 with COM and CORBA, and previewed the next version of Delphi.

On behalf of TAS Advanced Technologies (the new company I work for), I've presented the following sessions (the slides are now available for download):

Like previous years, I've also presented a "live" Conference Report from Philadelphia itself. The latest news was the launch of Delphi 5, and the announcement of (JBuilder) PrimeTime for Solaris and Linux.

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