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 Dr.Bob's C# Visions
Dr.Bob's C# Visions (for Microsoft .NET) is a special part of my website devoted to C# (C-sharp) and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

For more recent news, see Dr.Bob's C# Visions.

2001/12/17 - .NET Technologies Standardised
ECMA has finished the standardisation of the common language infrastructure of the .NET Framework and the C# programming language, taking a next step towards building an open XML Web services platform.

2001/12/04 - Working with C# - Unsafe Image Processing
Working with C# issue #10 has been published on Microsoft's Developer Network (MSDN) website. Last time, Eric talked a bit about what unsafe code was good for and worked through a few examples. If you looked at the associated source code, you may have noticed that there was an image-processing example. This time, we're going to work through that example.

2001/11/26 - WROX' Early Adopter: Hailstorm
Early Adopter HailStorm Early Adopter HailStorm looks at the first public release of .NET My Services Developer Edition (previously known as HailStorm), dispelling the myths that have surrounded it since it was first announced, and how to develop against it. In particular, we look at creating HailStorm compatible SOAP messages, how XML standards-compliant this release is, and how information is added to, updated and deleted from the various services that it implements. Finally, a couple of case studies illustrate how HailStorm may be integrated into real world scenarios.
This book covers HailStorm as it will be in version 1.0, HailStorm as it is today, Using SOAP and XPath to talk to HailStorm, HailStorm Data-manipulation Language (HSDL) and a number of practical case studies. A sample chapter is available in the WROX Section of my website.

2001/11/25 - Using Inheritance in the .NET World (2)
Ted Pattison has written a new article (in his Basic Instincts column for the December issue of MSDN Magazine) covering the issue of using Inheritance in the .NET World (part 2).

2001/11/24 - What's New in MSXML 4.0
The Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 4.0 is full of new features and functionality related to XML Schema and SAX. XML Schema Definition (XSD) validation and reflection are the most significant of these, but there are many others as well.

2001/11/19 - The .NET Show: Live from PDC in LA
In the latest episode of the .NET Show, we will see interviews with Mark Lucovsky, Mark Anders, as well as Mark Boulter about their individual roles in forming the foundation of the .NET platform.

2001/11/14 - Customise your .NET Web Service
You don't want to deploy untested Web Services, do you? Fortunately, .NET makes the testing process relatively painless, using customizable test pages ... if you know how. Yasser Shohoud has written an article for Visual Studio Magazine to ease you through customizing your .NET Web Service and the auto-generated WSDL.

2001/11/13 - Visual Studio.NET on Feb 13, 2002
According to the announcement of the Visual Studio Developer Conference, Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET will ship on Wednesday Feb 13th, 2002.

2001/11/04 - Using Inheritance in the .NET World
Ted Pattison has written an article (in his Basic Instincts column for the November issue of MSDN Magazine) covering the issue of using Inheritance in the .NET World.

2001/10/26 - Eric Gunnerson Team Page
Eric Gunnerson, author of A Programmer's Introduction to C# (second edition) and the Working with C# columns, has started his own website Eric Gunnerson Team Page.

2001/10/22 - Borland CEO talks about competing with Microsoft
In an interview with InfoWorld, Borland CEO Dale Fuller mentions the importance of Web Services, and also support for C# (although it's not exactly clear to me how he envisions that).

2001/10/15 - The .NET Show #18: .NET does Windows
In the latest episode of the .NET Show, Mark Boulter and Jamie Cool share a new application deployment model that is built into the .NET Framework. It allows you to develop Win32 Smart Client applications which can be deployed using mechanisms you are familiar with for Web pages and Web applications.

2001/10/10 - Working with C# - Unsafe at the Limit
Working with C# issue #9 has been published on Microsoft's Developer Network (MSDN) website.
This time, Eric Gunnerson delves into some of the features that set C# apart from other languages, particularly the use of pointers in C#.

2001/10/02 - Book Review: C# Essentials
C# Essentials C# Essentials - Programming the .NET Framework, written by Ben Albahari, Peter Drayton and Brad Merril, published by O'Reilly, is about C# as found in Beta 1 of the .NET Framework (currently Beta 2 is available). It is a good reference and getting started book for the essentials of the C# language - read my detailed review for more information and an overview of what's covered in this book.
I can recommend this book to any C++, Java or Delphi developer (if only just to see how much it looks and feels like "your" development language).

2001/09/27 - The .NET Show #17: ADO.NET
Databases have always been important to high-end programs, and therefore they have also been important to programmers. As a wide variety of databases came into use, it became important for a unified programming model to be available so that programmers wouldn't have to learn new interfaces and new access methodologies for each new project they started. ADO has become Microsoft's strategic, high-level interface to all kinds of data. ADO provides consistent, high-performance access to data, whether you're creating a front-end database client or middle-tier business object using an application, tool, language, or even an Internet browser. With the advent of Microsoft's .NET Framework, ADO has become ADO.NET and is a full participant in this exciting new technology.
In this episode of The .NET Show we will be talking with Michael Pizzo and Sean Draine about ADO.NET and how it has evolved to become the primary database programming model for .NET. We will then spend some time with David Hawke from Solutions IQ, who will share with us his experiences in learning about and using ADO.NET in the various projects that he's been working on. He will also give us a quick introduction to the programming model of ADO.NET and help you get a jump start on your own projects.

2001/09/05 - MSDN Magazine: C# and the Web
This article from the September issue of MSDN Magazine discusses C# and the Web: Writing a Web Client Application with Managed Code in the Microsoft .NET Framework.

2001/09/01 - Working with C# - Writing Exceptional Code
Working with C# issue #8 has been published on Microsoft's Developer Network (MSDN) website.
This time, Eric Gunnerson discusses the well-tempered exception, and continues his coverage of exceptions with the ins and outs of writing exception classes. His discussion on the design of exception classes includes a utility that validates the model at hand.

2001/08/17 - Top Ten Traps in C# for C++ Programmers
There are a number of features in C# that are potential traps for the unwary C++ programmer. Learn about the ten most dangerous in this article by Jesse Liberty, author of the recently released Programming C#.

2001/08/12 - Professional C#
Last month, WROX Press released Professional C# (using Beta 2), a 1200 page book of which a sample chapter 21 (Graphics with GDI+) is available on the WROX section of my website at
I have just received my copy of the book, and a detailed review will be published here shortly.

2001/08/10 - Borland: The Missing Link?
DevX reports that Borland plans to be the missing link between .NET and Java. As you may have heard by now, Microsoft will not support Java in .NET at all. According to Borland CEO Dale Fuller, Borland is going to step into that gap, providing to everyone the ability to have Java on .NET. But that's not all, because Borland also plans to provide a Java-.NET connection back (starting in Java and porting to .NET).

2001/08/03 - C# Today
Wrox has just launched C# Today, a new sister site to ASPToday. Every weekday, C# Today will deliver an original article written by C# programmers for C# programmers - practical C# techniques, tips and tricks.

2001/07/19 - Working with C# - Writing Exceptional Code
Working with C# issue #7 has been published. This time, Eric Gunnerson discusses writing exceptional code; the how's and why's of using exceptions, and next month we'll talk about the ins and outs of writing exception classes.

2001/07/09 - The .NET Show #15: Visual Studio .NET
Visual Studio is Microsoft's premier development tools for Windows. In this episode of The .NET Show you see interviews with Peter Loforte and Rob Copeland about some of the core concepts and enhancements that have been made to the Visual Studio environment, and how you can use them in your development efforts.

2001/06/21 - Working with C# (Help Me, I'm Overloaded)
Working with C# issue #6 has been published. This time, Eric Gunnerson discusses operating overloading.

2001/06/13 - The .NET Show #14: Hailstorm
The latest edition of The .NET Show introduces Hailstorm, as Mark Lucovsky and Shaun Pierce share some of the issues they've been dealing with while developing the "HailStorm" technologies.

2001/05/31 - Microsoft .NET books
Five new books on .NET written by Microsoft have just been published, and I've received them last week). The books differ in size (from 96 to 448 pages) and are:
Introducing Microsoft .NET
Introducing Microsoft .NET
The Microsoft .NET Framework
The Microsoft .NET Framework
Web Applications in the Microsoft .NET Framework
Web Applications in the Microsoft .NET Framework
Microsoft Visual Studio.NET
Microsoft Visual Studio.NET
Microsoft C# Language Specifications
Microsoft C# Language Specifications
You can order each of these books from with a significant discount - just click on the cover images for more information.

2001/05/21 - Conversations on .NET
Microsoft has published a series of conversations with Microsoft engineers, designers, and developers, looking at issues involving C# (including Anders Hejlsberg), ASP.NET, and the Common Language Runtime.

2001/05/20 - Inside C# (with CD-ROM)
A new C# book has just been published by Microsoft Press, written by Tom Archer, called Inside C# with CD-ROM.

2001/05/17 - Working with C# (Events Under the Hood)
Working with C# issue #5 has been published. This time, Eric Gunnerson continues with his coverage of events in C#.

2001/05/08 - The .NET Show #13
The latest edition of The .NET Show shows what it means to write a .NET application, with a simplified examples of writing and using a Web Service.

2001/04/15 - Working with C# (An Event to Remember)
This time, Eric Gunnerson is covering delegation (what they are, what they can do and how they are used) and will follow-up with events next month.

2001/04/08 - Dr.Bob Examines .NET and C#
In this Dr.Bob Examines column I'll share my first experiences with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET Beta 1, and especially C# (writing a classic demo).

2001/04/02 - The .NET Show #12
See why Tim Sinclair, Mike Moore, and Jay Nanduri are so excited about the benefits that .NET provides them on the website. They've added some functionality and have even more ideas for the future.

2001/03/25 - MSDN Magazine April 2001
I've just received the latest MSDN Magazine, featuring in-depth articles on SOAP Toolkit 2.0, C++ attributes, and more. See the table of contents and some articles on-line.

2001/03/18 - Working with C# (Open the Box! Quick!)
Last month, Eric Gunnerson covered boxing and unboxing, and when it occurs. This month, Eric is going to delve into the performance implications of boxing, and show how we can minimize them.

2001/03/15 - Microsoft .NET on Linux
Steve Ballmer has announced that Microsoft .NET products will also run on Linux in the future. In practice, this means that Microsoft will provide a way for Linux users to use .NET, even if they do not run on top of Windows indeed.

2001/02/20 - Books on C#
If you're a member of MSDN, you can download the Visual Studio .NET Beta 1 (otherwise you can order the CD-ROM). But apart from that, there are a number of books on C# already available, such as:

2001/02/17 - Comparative Overview of C#
Ben Albahari, co-author of O'Reilly's C# Essentials has published a comparative overview of C# (with Java and C++).

2001/02/15 - Working with C# (2)
MSDN online columnist Eric Gunnerson has written a new column entitled Nice Box. What's in It? in which he explores boxing, the Common Language Runtime's process for making value types become reference types as needed.

2001/02/13 - C# resources on the Web
The C# Corner has also made a write-up of a collection of C# resources on the Web.

2001/02/09 - Sun's Open Response to Microsoft
Sun has offered a Reality Check and an Open Response to Microsoft. According to Sun, "JUMP is a software tool that will help developers, who feel abandoned by Microsoft after the recent Sun-Microsoft settlement, convert Visual J++ generated Java language code to C# (C-sharp)."

2001/02/01 - J++ JUMP on .NET
For the last few Visual J++ developers out there who didn't move to JBuilder yet, Microsoft has just offered a Java User Migration Path (JUMP) to .NET on its Java Contract Lawsuit Update webpage. Available in the second half of this year, it would include, among others, a tool to convert your J++ code to C#.

2001/01/26 - Microsoft settles with Sun
Microsoft has reached a settlement with Sun Microsystems regarding the Java technology license agreement. Since Visual J++ has been pronounced dead for some time, this comes as no surprise. Microsoft is now free to focus its resources on .NET and C# for example.

2001/01/18 - Working with C# (1)
C# is one of the cornerstones of Microsoft's .NET, and Eric Gunnerson (C# test lead) has written a new column on MSDN in which he gives an overview of resources (recommended books, websites and more).
WROX Press' C# Programming with the Public Beta is among them (you can read a sample chapter on our website).

2001/01/10 - WROX Programming Books
WROX Press has kindly send us sample chapters from three of their books to publish in a special section of the this website. Titles include XML Databases, Microsoft DNA and C# Programming, so check it out...

Professional Windows DNA 2000/11/07 - Microsoft DNA
A new book is now available now to order from, which is all about Professional Windows DNA, with topics ranging from building distributed web applications with VB, COM+, MSMQ, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and ASP (Active Server Pages).
A sample chapter has kindly been provided by WROX for this website.

2000/08/06 - Preview of Active Server Pages+
Preview of Active Server Pages+ A new book from WROX Press titled A Preview of Active Server Pages+ is now available. This book covers a product that is still under development, and as such it is aimed at experienced ASP developers who are working at the leading edge - rather than the casual ASP developer or beginner. However, the fact that the product is still a preview version does not mean that you can ignore it (the first public beta should be available for download about now, so any ASP programmer who needs to be one step ahead of the competition should start investigating this new version).

2000/07/18 - Visual J++ no more...
At the 8th Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, it became clear that Visual J++ will no longer be part of the Microsoft development strategy. Visual Studio.NET consists of Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual FoxPro and the new language C#.

2000/07/12 - Introducing ADO+
ADO+ is an improvement to Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) that provides platform interoperability and scalable data access. Since Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the format for transmitting data, any application (on any platform) that can read the XML format can process data.

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