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2007/01/01 - C++BuilderX 1.x De-Supported
C++Builder 1.x is now officially de-supported, and is no longer eligible for Technical Support.

2005/12/25 - Borland Turbo C++ Suite
Borland Turbo C++ Suite now includes Borland C++BuilderX Personal Edition for your 32- and 16-bit Windows, Linux, and Solaris, and in 16-bit MS-DOS programming. The Suite includes Borland C++BuilderX Personal for Windows development, as well as for Linux and Solaris development; Borland Turbo C++ 4.5 for Windows 3.1 applications; and Borland TurboŽ C++ 3 for MS-DOS application development. This classic collection is provided in a convenient sized package on one CD-ROM, including manuals, at a new lower price.
Please note that as a Classic Product, Borland offers no further enhancements or support for this product.

2005/11/07 - No More PrimeTime?
At the Borland Developers Conference in San Francisco, it was mentioned that future versions of JBuilder will be based on the Eclipse IDE (and no longer on the PrimeTime IDE, which is also used for C++BuilderX).

2004/10/05 - C++BuilderX "Boomerang" beta
Borland has openings in a new C++BuilderX cross-platform and mobile field test program. If you are interested, please send an email to (if always helps if you can give a few reasons why you think you should be added to this field test).

2004/09/21 - Meet The C++ Team Report
For those of you who didn't read the report from Paul Gustavson, the Meet The C++ Team session at BorCon 2004 was a very special session. The team was very open to us about C++Builder, C++BuilderX and the "forces of nature" (or Powers-That-Be) that influence their future.
The C++BuilderX summary: the C++ Team is currently working full-time on a free update for C++BuilderX users, called Boomerang. After that one, a new version will be made as well with more features and enhancements. One thing they could tell us about future changes is that the support for wxWindows is put on hold (probably forever), which may mean you won't have a native Windows designer for C++BuilderX.

2004/09/11-15: Borland Conference 2004 Report
Like previous years, I have written a "live" Conference Report on this website including details of all major events, Borland and 3rd-party announcements and session details.

2004/07/13 - C++BuilderX Updates
Registered users of C++BuilderX 1 and 1.5 Mobile Edition can now download updates from the C++BuilderX Downloads page.

2004/06/25 - C++Builder Developer's Journal
The June 2004 issue of the C++Builder Developer's Journal (our 85th issue) is available for free this month at the new site Damon Chandler is the new editor/publisher, and I'm one of the contributing editors.
If you're not yet a subscriber, this is your chance to the evaluate the Journal; if you find the content informative, please consider contributing to the community either by subscribing or by writing for us.

2004/05/09 - Open Letter on C++ Support
According to Anders Ohlsson's blog, there will be an Open Letter on C++ Support by Borland really soon now.

2004/03/23 - Borland updates mobile solutions
Borland has updated Borland Enterprise Studio for Mobile, Borland C++BuilderX Mobile Edition, and Borland JBuilder X Mobile Edition in order to help mobile application developers speed their time to market with powerful timesaving features and simplified development of Web Services.
Enterprise Studio for Mobile and Mobile Studio each provide a single unified interface to reduce training and setup time for mobile developers moving between Java and C++ programming languages. This shared Java and C++ language framework also allows developers to not only customize the IDE to suit their needs, but also includes tightly coupled emulation and on-target debugging. In addition, Rapid Application Development (RAD) timesaving features such as form and menu designers help speed the development of mobile applications.

2004/01/26 - The Borland C++ Bus - How Soon Will it Ride Again?
Paul Gustavson, co-author of the C++Builder 6 Developer's Guide, has posted the following allegory/commentary essentially to share what he feels captures the current pulse within the Borland user community (especially for C++ users) in a manner that we hope can be beneficial to those at Borland and others.

2004/01/08 - C++BuilderX and Cygwin
Borland C++BuilderX (BCBX) includes a powerful IDE in which a developer can add an arbitrary collection of tools, a toolset, with which to build their projects. This article, published on the Borland Developer Network, shows how to add a new toolset, Cygwin (for this particular example), to Borland C++BuilderX.

2003/12/08 - C++BuilderX Update
Borland released an update for registered users of C++BuilderX. This update provides updated functionality and largely addresses several CORBA issues.
Also, the Technology Preview for the CBX RAD Designer can now be found at at CBX downloads page.

2003/11/14 - Kylix in Limbo?
Paul Krill's article in InfoWorls wonders about Borland's Kylix in limbo, and the fact that Borland seems to be pushing C++BuilderX as the alternative (at least for Kylix C++ developers). Ray Lishner is also convinced: Kylix is dead, long live C++BuilderX. One thing is sure: it was announced at BorCon (read my report) that no updates for Kylix were planned in 2004, so at least until 2005 the product will remain as-is.

The Kylix Kicks website at will remain open until that time at least (although it may disappear from the top-level menu in 2004).

2003/11/12 - C++BuilderX Reviewed at DevX
Danny Kalev has written an article about C++BuilderX, warning existing C++Builder users to be prepared for some glitches in the learning curve.

2003/11/1-5: Borland Conference 2003
The 14th annual Borland Conference (and Borland's 20th Anniversary) was held from Saturday (Nov 1st) until Wednesday (Nov 5th), in San Jose, CA (USA). I've done a pre-conference tutorial (on XML & SOAP), a session about dbExpress, and a Birds-of-a-Feather session on RemObjects SDK.
The latest C++BuilderX news and updates were reported "live" from BorCon in San Jose and can be read in my special BorCon Report at

2003/10/30 - Open Letter to the Borland C++ Developer Community
J.P. LeBlanc, Vice President and General Manager of the Borland C++ and Mobile Business Unit, writes an open letter to members of the Borland C++ developer community on details and migration to C++BuilderX, Borland's latest offering for C++.

2003/10/22 - C++Builder 6 and C++BuilderX
The 14th annual Borland Conference (and Borland's 20th Anniversary) is held this week from Saturday (Nov 1st) until Wednesday (Nov 5th), in San Jose, CA (USA). I'm doing a pre-conference tutorial (on XML & SOAP), a session about dbExpress, and a Birds-of-a-Feather session on RemObjects SDK.
The latest C++Builder(X) news and updates will be reported "live" from BorCon in San Jose and can be read in my special BorCon Report at

2003/10/22 - C++Builder 6 and C++BuilderX
While we're all waiting for the two Open Letters from Borland to explain Borland's plans for C++BuilderX and the future of the VCL in C++BuilderX, I can't help but wonder if this means the end of the C++Builder 6 product line (just as Borland C++ 5.0x was the last of the pure Borland C++ development environments - still in use today by some people).

2003/10/15 - Boost update available for C++BuilderX
C++BuilderX 1.0 ships with Boost library version 1.30.1. This version of Boost has been replaced with 1.30.2, which corrects problems with 1.30.1. Borland will provide an update to C++BuilderX that updates the Boost version, but in the meantime you can download the current version from SourceForge.

2003/10/14 - Borland C++BuilderX available for download
I just noticed that both the Enterprise Trial Edition as well as the Personal Edition of Borland C++BuilderX are now available for download.

2003/10/13 - Borland C++ Open Letter
On or before October 17th, Borland will publish one or two Open Letter(s) about Borland C++, C++Builder and C++BuilderX, explaining Borland's plans for C++ development.
The first open letter will reveal more of Borland's plans for our various C++ customers, and will talk about our solutions for:

The second open letter will discuss: One thing is sure: there are great things coming from Borland for developers who use C++.

2003/10/01 - C++Builder Developer's Journal Online
The C++Builder Developer's Journal will continue as a pure electronic magazine now, and is taking subscriptions (online only). The Journal will still be produced in PDF form (in addition to the HTML articles), so readers can still print a hard copy if they want to.

2003/09/17 - Borland C++BuilderX and wxWindows
According to wxWindows, Borland has adopted wxWindows as the C++ framework for its forthcoming C++BuilderX product. Borland has been contributing expertise and funding to help in areas such as enhanced run-time type information, the new build system and code reengineering, and will continue to invest in wxWindows while supporting its open source status.

2003/09/16 - C++BuilderX
Borland C++BuilderX is a completely new framework for C and C++ development giving you a multiplatform development environment on Windows, Linux and Solaris. This new generation of a C++ development toolset is built on a new development platform enabling you to use the compilers and debuggers of your choice, such as Borland C++, the GNU Compiler Collection, Sun Forte C++, Intel C++, Microsoft Visual C++ and others.
Borland C++BuilderX will be available in three editions: Enterprise, Developer, and Personal. There is also a C++BuilderX Mobile Edition and Together Edition for C++BuilderX. You can already download the C++BuilderX mobile SDKs.

2003/09/15 - C++BuilderX for Mobile Development
Borland announced today the launch of Borland C++BuilderX, a new, pure C++ integrated development environment (IDE) featuring advanced enterprise mobile development capabilities, amidst broad industry support from organizations such as HP, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Symbian and Virtio2. C++BuilderX is included as part of the latest BorlandŽ Enterprise Studio for Mobile, also launched today, focused on application lifecycle management for the mobile market.
New features for enterprise mobile development incorporate integrated support for all Symbian Software Development Kits (SDKs) including Series 60 and 80, as well as first time support for the UIQ platform. Additionally, on-target debugging for mobile applications over Bluetooth; extensible SDK support for other mobile platforms and extended application lifecycle management help to ensure that software meets evolving business demands.
The C++BuilderX IDE is also incorporated in the latest Borland Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) suite for mobile development, Enterprise Studio for Mobile, also launched today. The suite notably includes new application design modeling capabilities for C++ in the form of Borland Together for C++BuilderX.

2003/09/15 - Borland Announced C++BuilderX
Borland announced today the launch of Borland C++BuilderX, a new C++ integrated development environment (IDE) and Borland Enterprise Studio for C++, the first technology independent application lifecycle management suite designed to address the increased complexity of modern-day application development in the C++ programming language. Both C++BuilderX and Borland Enterprise Studio for C++, address six important mega-trends/pain-points inside of organizations using C++:

  1. Continuing use of C++ to build scalable and high-performance applications related to performance computing
  2. Demand for multi-platform support as applications continue to migrate from UNIX to Linux
  3. Support and maintenance requirements for millions of lines of C++ legacy code
  4. Growth of mobile and embedded device computing that use C++
  5. Broad demand for ANSI/ISO compliance for C++ compilers due to incompatibility between existing C++ environments
  6. The need to manage multiple compilers and debuggers on multiple platforms
The C++BuilderX IDE core is based on PrimeTime (also the core of the JBuilder IDE), and no support for VCL is mentioned.
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