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October 6-7 2008: Software Developer Conference, The Netherlands

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/9/2008 10:22:35 AM (GMT+1)

Attend the Software Developer Conference in The Netherlands on 6 and 7 October (get a 50 Euro discount if you specify Reference Code "eBob42") and make your choice from the best Delphi speakers and sessions we've selected for you (as well as sessions on .NET, DotNetNuke, Database, etc.).
Speakers and sessions include:

  • Marco Cantù

    • Generics and Closures in Delphi
    • Multi-Threading in Delphi
    • Towards a Delphi REST Framework

  • Pawel Glowacki

    • What's New in Delphi 2009 Database Programming
    • Deep Dive into Delphi Unicode support
    • What's cooking... (Hodges, Glowacki, Swart)

  • Hadi Hariri

    • Advanced VCL for the Web
    • Unit Testing in Delphi
    • Programming in Delphi doesn’t imply OOP

  • Nick Hodges

    • Delphi Product Address
    • What is New in Delphi 2009
    • What's cooking... (Hodges, Glowacki, Swart)

  • Cary Jensen

    • Fundamentals of ADO.NET for Delphi Developers
    • Fundamentals of Web Development with ASP.NET and Delphi
    • 7 Cool ADO.NET Techniques for ASP.NET Applications

  • Jeroen Wiert Pluimers

    • Nullable types in Delphi met records, methods en operator overloading
    • Waar moet je op letten met XML voor Data Import en Export

  • Bob Swart

    • Delphi 2009 Compiler and Language Enhancements
    • What's cooking... (Hodges, Glowacki, Swart)

I hope to see you there (and don't forget the Reference Code "eBob42" to get your 50 Euro discount when registering).



disappointed drbobfan 08/09/09 22:33:32Looks a rather pale session list? Where are the known speakers like Guy Smith, Brian Long, Ray Konopka, etc ? Why not invite some new speakers or authors of well known Delphi software packages?
Bob Swart 08/09/09 22:49:53We've sent a call-for-papers to a lot of potential speakers, and also published it on the website. Anyone who wanted to speak at SDC had the chance to send in proposals and abstracts. I'm sorry you're disappointed, but I still believe this is a strong line-up with some interesting and in-depth sessions (so I still hope to see you there, my "disappointed drbobfan" ;-))...

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